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Turning 60 & Climbing About It!

It's 2019 and it's the big 6-0 this year! Yes, I turn 60 July 10th and what better way to celebrate than to climb, climb, climb throughout the entire year! My big 60 goal would be to make 60 outdoor climbing pitches by the end of 2019! All disciplines (except bouldering... weeellllll....maybe bouldering! ), either on top rope or on lead. I've enlisted the help of my climbing friends and I'm also looking for more to help me on my climbing journey. Follow along on my blog or let's get out to climb! 60 Pitches and Counting! # of Pitches - Route/Crag - Location - Type - Date 1 - Trestle Slab, Frankenstein Cliffs, Ice Climbing - 1.7.2019 2 - Moss Slab, Stonehouse Pond, Ice Climbing - 1.11.2019 4 - Moss Slab, Stonehouse Pond, Ice Climbing - 1.13.2019 2 - Moss Slab, Stonehouse Pond, Ice Climbing - 1.26.2019 4 - Leprechaun's Lement, Kinsman Notch, Ice Climbing - 2.17.2019 4 - North End Pillars, Cathedral Ledge, Ice Climbing - 2.25.2019 3 - Parkin

DLM Memorial - Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing

Making my way up the beautiful slab of pitch 5 on the DLM Memorial (5.7) Met up with Jackie for another climb on Mt. Forist in Berlin, NH. This time to do some multi-pitch climbing. Not gonna lie, that 1st pitch of DLM Memorial route (5.7) sketched me out! So instead of going straight up, I climbed to the left (large flakes) and slung a tree branch/root. And then traversed right to the bolt for even more runout sketchy-ness! Intend to climb this route again so I can go straight up on the start of P1 instead of wimping out. :) This route hasn't been ticked off of MP since 2017, but that doesn't mean no one has climbed it. A lot of sections were really dirty and looked like it doesn't see a lot of traffic. And in some sections, there was a lot of sand making for slippery foot placements. But overall, the route was an amazing adventure! 6 pitches with 6 rappels on a single 70m rope. The night before I stayed at the Christmas Farm & Inn Spa . Super quaint and so

Mt. Forist - Multi Pitch Rock Climbing

Leading P2 of Madigan (5.6) If you love slab like I do, go climb Mt. Forist! :) A stellar day for some multi-pitch rock climbing with Jackie at Mt. Forist in Berlin, NH. The two routes we climbed were a great intro to the climbing and the rock feel of this mountain. In the shade the rock was slick and the climbing felt sketchy. But in the sun, the rock was amazing and uber sticky! We also bumped into Jeff Lea and Tom Callahan, who gave us great beta on the climbing routes there. We started on Madigan with Jackie leading P1 and me finishing up on P2. Then for P1 I lead Nibroc and we finished up with Jackie leading P2 of Brown School. Rain clouds and some thunder showed up quickly while I was making my way up to Jackie at the P2 anchors of Brown School. It turned cold really fast too. We hurried down just in case there was lightening as well. Double 70m got us down in 1 rappel.  Afterward, we all headed to the White Mountain Cafe & Bookstore for some post climbing

Memorial Day Weekend 2019 Rock Climbing

Rattlesnakes.  That's the theme for this Memorial Day rock climbing, but it wasn't intentional. Spent Saturday hiking and climbing Rattlesnake Rocks at Rattlesnake Hill with Iskuhi. And on Monday Jackie, Andy and I climbed at the Meadows and the Main Cliff of Rumney Rocks on the south face of Rattlesnake Mountain. What fun climbing with great company!  ♥ And t hanks, Iskuhi, Jackie & Andy for the photos and your help and support for my  "Turning 60 and Climbing About It"  project!  Meadows & Main Cliff - Rumney Rocks Rattlesnake Mountain Rumney, NH Deceptively hard. So we were on our way to the Main Cliff from Meadows when at the top of the trail we spotted Magic Helmet . Jackie wondered out loud what grade it was and Andy quickly answered, "a 5.3." We stopped to look at and I decided to lead it. Then Jackie looked it up on MP and said it was a 5.10b. *laughs all around* I got on it to lead anyways. Don't know why, but I find

Deer Leap - Rock Climbing

On Center Crack (5.7) My first day out on the rock this season and I met up with Jackie and Noah for some Mother's Day climbing in Killington, VT! This was our first time climbing at this roadside crag and we had it all to ourselves, except for the hikers. We met up in the Long Trail trailhead parking lot just across the street from the Inn at Long Trail. Took the hiker's trail to the top of Deer Leap Mountain, and then hiked down a side trail to the base of the climbs of the Main Cliff - Left End. We set up top rope anchor on a set of anchors at the top of the Toot Route (5.7) and climbed the route-starts off The Monkey (5.8), Center Crack (5.7) and Turkeyland (5.8). The rock felt really good, sticky...even the quartz was sticky! Cool-to-cold temps kept the bugs away and on our way out, we hiked down the climber's trail passing the climbs of the Lower Tier. Enjoy some photos of our day climbing at Deer Leap crag.  And t hanks, Jackie & Noah for the photos an

Parasol Gully, Dixville Notch - Multi Pitch Ice Climbing

Bringing Jackie up the 1st pitch of Parasol Gully (me in the bright green pants) Looking up at Parasol Gully (WI2+) from the pullout, we had no idea if the ice was good. In fact, I was actually skeptical. But Jackie said, "let's go take a walk up there and check it out." And so we did. And I'm so glad that we did. Jackie and I had been considering Parasol Gully since last October, but weather and other plans always got in the way. Today we were staring up at fat blue ice, in the shade. I can certainly understand why this route would be on the list of the top 10 ice climbs in New Hampshire. The climbing is fun, straight-forward. And the views of the notch from along the route are gorgeous! We even bumped into Nick and Isa who climbed a couple of laps on the route. This climb was a little over 3.5 hours drive from my home in Massachusetts. So I opted to stay overnight in Colebrook. I had dinner and breakfast at the Wilderness Re