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South Moat & North Doublehead - Solo Hike

South Moat Mountain (2,760ft) Trail: Moat Mountain Trail Elevation Gain: 2,200ft Miles:5.4 miles roundtrip Duration: 3.5 hrs (includes stop along trail at the summit for 30 min) Difficulty: Easy to moderate
North Doublehead (3,053ft) Trail: New Path Elevation Gain: 1,600ft Miles:3.0 miles roundtrip Duration: 2 hrs, 15 min (includes stop along trail at the summit for 15 min) Difficulty: Easy to moderately strenuous
Checked off numbers 16 & 17 of my NH 52 With A View list! I wasn’t planning on bagging 2 peaks from the list today, but after 2,200 feet of elevation gain to the summit of South Moat, I still felt good (my knee wasn't bothering me). So I hiked to the summit of North Doublehead for another 1,600 feet of elevation gain, and that did the trick for me today. Enjoy some photos I took of my hike to the South Moat Mountain.
Along the Moat Mountain Trail
At the summit

After I got down from South Moat I felt good. My knees weren’t hurting and I wanted more cardio workout. So I headed over t…

Thin Air - Multi Pitch Rock Climb

Thin Air (5.6) 360 feet, 5 Pitches Cathedral Ledge North Conway, NH
We did this route in 3 instead of 5 pitches. My leader Geoff combined P1 & P2. And P4 & P5. The traverse section is my fave section of this route. On our last pitch, the area between the two flakes were really reachy for me, and on my first attempt I slipped. But I found the very top section of the flake on the right to be a bomber hold. It was plenty enough so that I could get my feet up and onto the bulgy flake on the left. I would def do this route again! Enjoy some photos I tookwhile on the route.
At the base of Thin Air
Anchor at a small ledge
Getting set to do the fun traverse!!!!!! Geoff at our 2nd belay station
At our 2nd belay station Geoff pointing out the Cranmore Ski slopes
At our 2nd belay station Pat on "The Missing Link"
Our 2nd pitch
Gorgeous view!
Looking down from our 3rd belay station
Geoff and I end along the same route so we  followed Pat and his partner to finish up on our last pitch.

New England ReSoul

Thanks New England ReSoul for the re-sole! Gotta bring these babies with me to Colorado!!

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Genetian Pond Shelter - Solo Hike

AMC Genetian Pond Shelter
Trail: Austin Brook Trail
Elevation: 2,270 ft
Elevation Gain: 1,500 ft
Miles: 7.0 miles Roundtrip
Duration: 4.5 hours (includes stops for trail photos & 30 min @ shelter)
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Trailhead parking: 44°24'45"N  71°4'6"W

Originally I was set to solo a practice hike to the Hermit Lake Shelter at Tuckerman Ravine today. But when I awoke this morning and read Jeff D's email about a possible practice hike to the Genetian Pond Shelter, I decided to check it out instead. It's mileage/gain is similar to the mileage/gain we expect to backpack to the South Colony Pond on our Colorado trip. Once at the Pond, we will be setting up camp. So I did a quick search of trail/trailhead info and got on my way.

The trailhead is located on North Road of Shelburne, NH.  Yes, that's a turnstyle!
Along the Austin Brook Trail

At mile 3.1, after crossing over the Bog on bog bridges, the trail bears left at the base of a steep slope. It's ju…

Diana’s Bath, Champney Falls, Cathedral Ledge - Easy Hike

Just a few photos of some short hikes on a weekday. Spent the day at some mellow waterfalls and at the top of Cathedral Ledge. The trail to Diana’s Bath falls is wide, well-maintained and easy. I can see why this spot attracts many families with small children. 

Afterwards I drove to the top of Cathedral Ledge.  During the winter season, this gate is locked. At the top is a parking lot and a short walk to fenced views above climbing route finishes. 

Chatted a bit with Tom Sawyer who was belaying Mike Cummins up the route called “Refuse”.  
From the lookout point with Whitehorse Ledge, Echo Lake and The White Mountain Hotel & Resort
On my way home I stopped off at the Champney Falls trailhead on the Kancamagus Highway. At the loop junction I took the right, up along the stone stairs. Then left onto the loop along the water. The hike up to the top of the loop trail was easy and views along and down the loop trail was fantastic! I never have, but hope to ice climb here. 

Crack Climbing – Rock Climbing

Really needed practice on “Layback” crack climbing. So I joined Sean and Tom for a mellow day climbing cracks as well as some fun exploring!