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The Tablets Center - Ice Climbing

The Tablets Center (WI3-4) Lake Willoughby State Park Westmore, Vermont A tiny branch, really? I damn well knew it wouldn’t be secure but I grabbed onto anyways. Why that small branch and not one of the tree trunks that the rap webbings were around or the two cordelette that my leader Geoff had set around the tree trunks….I have no idea. I do know that in that very moment that I lost my balance, fell back and that tiny branch I had grabbed snapped, I felt incredibly stupid. But I was lucky today. We were 4 feet from the edge of a ledge and Geoff still had me on belay. So when I fell, Geoff caught me. (so now you're reading this blogpost instead of a news article on how-I-fell-from-a-rap-station-because-I-wasn't-anchored-in-and-hanging-onto-a-tiny-branch.) I heard about the “big ice” in Vermont. So when a meetup  got posted for a day of ice climbing at Lake Willoughby, I quickly RSVP’ed and made my reservations with the local inn down the street. I drove up to sta

Waterfall & Standard Route Cave - Ice Climbing

Waterfall (WI3) The Standard Route Cave (WI3) Frankenstein Cliffs, Crawford Notch, NH Climbing Frankenstein Cliffs in Crawford Notch is my favorite place to climb. I never get tired of the ride through the Notch or the views, as well. This weekend would be busy, in addition to those in our meetup group climbing, there would be other climbers in the North Conway area for the 2015 Mt. Washington Ice Fest as well as the AMC Boston Ice Climbing Program, not to mention all the skiers. My lead climbing partner for Saturday was Jeff S. After a hearty breakfast I met Jeff at the Arethusa Falls trailhead parking lot. We geared up and headed for the Trestle area. We came up to the Waterfall climb and there were already 5 climbers there. We didn’t realize until after we started setting up on the right that 3 of those climbers were with the meetup group! Jay, John and Fred were setting up two top ropes for those meetup group members on their way up. I seconded Jeff on this climb. The bot

Railroad Cut, NH – Ice Climbing

Railroad Cut – Ice Climbing SW4-Cheshire North Rail Trail Keene, NH Okay, so I know I said I wouldn’t climb on another single digit day, but the addiction is strong and I couldn’t resist! To add, it was windy so I actually thought that being within “The  Cut” would somehow give me some protection from the wind, but not so. And the ice was sooooo hard - not getting any purchase for my feet isn’t fun for this Hawaii Girl, I hate climbing on my hands and arms! But we did get a couple of climbs in, so I'll quit whining here. Just a few photos of our day at “The RR Cut”.