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Farley Ledges - Trad & Sport Lead

Headed out to Farley Ledges today and did some easy Trad & Sport leading. Thanks to Jeff and Geoff for the lead betas and belays!

Me on a trad lead (3)

Then onto a sport lead

Geoff (3)

My First Trad Lead - Rock Climb

Powder Puff 5.6
Rock Rimmon
Manchester, NH

My very first Trad Lead climb! It was mellow and super easy as I had top roped and seconded this route very many times. Super stoked! Thanks so much for Jeff for the belay and to Geoff for letting use his Trad rack and giving me beta. Some photos taken of our day!

Jeff and Geoff on the same route

Rainbow Slabs - Multi-pitch Rock Climbing

The Pillars of Dickulese (5.6)
260 feet- 2 pitches
Rainbow Slabs
The Lower Kancamagus Area

Gorgeous day for a couple of multi-pitch climbs along the Kancamagus Highway in Albany, New Hampshire! I assisted leader Jeff D. taking up a first-timer to multi-pitch climbing, he loved it. Good job Varma on your first multi-pitch climb! Enjoy some photos taken of our day.

Varma up the 1st pitch with Jeff on his belay At the 2nd belay station (3)

 Varma up the 2nd pitch (2)
 Varma rapping down to the 2nd belay station
The Perfect Wave (5.7)
160 feet- 2 pitches
Rainbow Slabs
The Lower Kancamagus Area

The Perfect Wave is actually 200 feet and 3 pitches but since the  last pitch (40 feet) is a 5.4, we only climbing two pitches.
Varma up the 1st pitch with Jeff on his belay
Jeff leads the 2nd pitch
Varma up the 2nd pitch

The Standard Route - Multi pitch Rock Climbing

The Standard Route (5.5)
1,080 feet, 8 pitches
Whitehorse Ledge
North Conway, NH 

Manoa Falls - Walking

Manoa Falls - Walking
Distance: 1.6 roundtrip
Time: 1.5 hr
Manoa Valley
Elevation Gain: 800 feet
Difficulty: Very Easy
Danger: Low
Parking fee: $5 (discount for Kama'aina)

After staying out late the night before watching my niece and her band EMKE perform, I  didn’t want to do a long or strenuous hike. So I scheduled a wicked easy, short walk/hike to Manoa Falls with Darrell and Neil. When we pulled into the parking lot, I knew there‘d be a good flow at the falls as it was pouring. But by the time we were ready to leave the parking lot, the rain had stopped. We got to the 100-foot falls and took our time, spending about half-an-hour admiring the falls, watching tourists, posing and taking photos. On our way out, I showed Darrell and Neil the trail to the Lua’alaea Falls. We only went as far as the Lua’alaea stream and noted a large downed tree. Enjoy some photos I took on our leisurely walk to Manoa Falls through the Manoa Valley. And a Mahalo nui loa to both Darrell and Neil for such won…