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Rose Ledge - Rock Climbing

Met up with Nuno for some craggin' at Rose Ledge in Erving, MA. The last time I climbed here was back in 2015 and I don't remember the hike up to the Main wall at all. Today Nuno and I did some "extra hiking" to get to the crag. ;) But on the way out, we found the trail to be straightforward after all. Surprisingly, there were no crowds today and Nuno and I pretty much had the Main Cliff to ourselves. Couple of boulderers hiked past, a couple climbed Guillotine, and then left. And there was an AMC group that hiked up to the Amphitheater and back out. A quiet day great for Nuno's first time climbing at Rose Ledge! Nuno's first experience climbing at Rose Ledge Greeting Crack (5.4) at Introductory Buttress Main Wall Top Left: Tennessee Top Right: Marie Antoinette -Guillotine Bottom Left: Beginners Bottom Right: Double Helix - Pumper Pillar - Off Width Approach Directions: Park in the lot and pay $3 in locked box on

Crack Climbing Instruction #6

Fantastic crack climbing lesson with Tino today!! After warmup worked on “Pressure Garden” the green route (right) to practice, what else, cross-body tension - and it was so fun!!  The route is a dihedral and is supposed to mimic the 5.11, 5th pitch of The Prow on Cathedral Ledge - "Stemming" used to ascend.   Climbing on vertical cracks is super strenuous but I have to admit, it makes the low-angle cracks outdoors easy. #crackclimbinggoals

Rock Garden - Rock Climbing

Rock Garden (5.4) Lost Horizon, Sundown Ledges Albany, NH Got to onsight Rock Garden (5.4) this morning. The chimney was damp and dark and smelled a bit of urine. Got to hand jam, foot jam, face climb, friction and stem on this climb. But I didn't need to do any liebacking as listed on the MP description for this climb. It was a fun climb and hope to get back there to climb again!  Lost Horizon is a super nice crag with clean rocks and the base is well shaded.  We were the only ones climbing at Lost Horizon and it made for a mellow day of climbing. Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller Eric brought this cool mosquito repeller to the crag and I was impressed! It's very lightweight and kept the bugs and mosquitoes at bay while we climbed. You can order one online here at The Main Cliff A couple of years ago I had hiked the Boulder Loop Trail at Sundown area off the Kancamagus. At the time I didn't realize it

Betty - Multi Pitch Rock Climb

Day at the Gunks Right to left: Lovena, Richard, Alisa & Nicole Betty (5.3) Trad, 150 ft, 2 pitches Jackie and Friends, The Trapps, The Gunks Such a stellar day for my first trad lead in the Gunks! I've second several routes at the Gunks, but this was my first time leading at the Gunks and it was a most memorable day for me! I lead the 1st pitch of Betty and Nicole lead the 2nd pitch. For the second pitch we took the variation up instead of the chimney. At the  finish there were a lot of horizontal cracks which makes the rock look like its stacked - these made for lots of good hand jams! A  route doesn't have to be a 'crack climb' in order to utilize its crack(s) as a hold .  If you know how to jam, it can make a lot of the climbs easier. Richard and Alisa paired up to climb Belly Roll and Easy Overhang. Afterwards the four of us checked out Rock and Snow as well as the Rock and Snow Annex. Then sat down for drinks and dinner at the Schazti's Pub

Rumney Rock Climb

Most, if not all, my outdoor trad climbing have been with male partners. But just recently I've had more opportunities to share the rope with other women while climbing outdoors! I've started climbing Connecticut Traprock with Nicole , and we now have more climbing in the plans. This past weekend I got to meet and climb with more slaydies! Top roping at Rumney was the plan for @girlswhoclimbofficial meetup and although it was a scorcher, we climbed and hiked! There were women off different climbing levels - it was Sarah's first day outdoor climbing! And I even met and climbed with another woman who loves to crack climb! Photos taken at 5.8 Crag and Jimmy Cliff by Lovena Harwood and Sarah Mooney.