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Three Falls for Boomer - Waterfalls & Hiking

Spent overnight at my friend's vacation rental. Conveniently located right off of Route 16 in North Conway but super quiet and comfy! We had plans to hike to Arethusa Falls making a loop along the Frankenstein Cliff trail. But my old  buddy Boomer was a bit sore so we backtracked to the trailhead stopping off at Bemis Falls for lunch, and then Coliseum Falls. As you can see by my photos, Boomer absolutely loved all 3 beautiful falls! Along the Arethusa Trail

Hokule'a - Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe

Hokule'a docks at Wentworth By The Sea Marina I paused to take in the gentle breeze, cool air, sunny blue-bird skies and the salty smell of the ocean. It was then I experienced an unexpected familiarity, but I knew exactly what it was! Standing aboard the Hokule’a felt like being back home in Hawaii! The mana I felt while on board this floating island was evident, even 6000 miles from Hawaii! From her first voyage in Tahiti, to her current visit along the shores of the USA east coast, thousands have experienced the hopes, the dreams and all that she embodies of the Hawaiian spirit. I smiled. It took standing aboard the Hokule'a to remind me of where I'm from. Where my heart and soul will always be connected to – no matter where I live. And the powerful message she brings along on her worldwide voyage. – Lovena Pao Harwood The Hokule’a is a Polynesian double-hulled voyaging canoe. She left Hawaii in May 2014 and her 3-year journey will cover 47,000 nautical mil