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DIY Fleece Stocking Cap

DIY Fleece Stocking Cap
This is an easy project and took me just under an hour to complete from start to finish. The original design doesn’t include tassels, but since I made this for my youngest granddaughter, I added tassels to the top and she loves it! For this project I used Rocket Red Polartec Classic 100, but Polartec Classic 200 will work fine just as well. 

Supplies used: ½ yard Polartec Classic 100 Fabric Kwik Sew #2527 Pattern ½ yard Tracing Material -I use Sew-In Interfacing (Optional) Ball point pen or marker Scissors or rotary cutter Cutting mat (for rotary cutter) Ruler or Tape measure Suggested Needle: Schmetz Stretch Needle 90/14 Suggested Thread: Maxi-Lock Stretch Serger Thread Household Sewing Machine Walking Foot attachment (Here’s a video on what a Walking Foot is/operates)
**This DIY project assumes you already know how to use your sewing machine and have basic sewing skills. If you don't, contact a sewing store for basic sewing l…

Mt. Willard - Solo HIke

Mt. Willard summit Willey's Slide (ice climbing) on the right
Mt. Willard (2,865ft) Elevation Gain: 900ft Trails: Mt. Willard Difficulty: Very Easy
Did a short hike today and the cool temps were invigorating and just wonderful! 4 years ago I hiked Mt. Willard and it was a different scene. Check out my blogpost here from that hike. 
Although there was much less snow today, I still needed my microspikes! Some parts of the Mt. Willard trail were very slushy, muddy and icy! There were a lot of hikers who weren't prepared with some form of traction, and I saw many slipping and falling. 

Centennial Pool
This section of the trail was especially icy!
Summit view of Crawford Notch

On my way back down to the trailhead I  took a detour and hiked down the climber's path to the top of "The Cleft" ice climb.