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Deer Leap - Rock Climbing

My first day out on the rock this season and I met up with Jackie and Noah for some Mother's Day climbing in Killington, VT! This was our first time climbing at this roadside crag and we had it all to ourselves, except for the hikers. We met up in the Long Trail trailhead parking lot just across the street from the Inn at Long Trail. Took the hiker's trail to the top of Deer Leap Mountain, and then hiked down a side trail to the base of the climbs of the Main Cliff - Left End. We set up top rope anchor on a set of anchors at the top of the Toot Route (5.7) and climbed the route-starts off The Monkey (5.8), Center Crack (5.7) and Turkeyland (5.8). The rock felt really good, sticky...even the quartz was sticky! Cool-to-cold temps kept the bugs away and on our way out, we hiked down the climber's trail passing the climbs of the Lower Tier. Enjoy some photos of our day climbing at Deer Leap crag. And thanks, Jackie & Noah for the photos and your help and support for my &qu…

Rumney Ice - March 2011

This morning I donned snowshoes and spent 4 hours hiking Rumney for its beautiful ice flows! It was slow going most times as there was a foot of snow and in some places, a foot-and-a-half. Started off at The Meadow Flows which is on the right side of the Parking Lot Wall. Then down onto Main Cliff Left - Venus Wall, then finished off my hike at the Main Cliff - Right. Last summer, the Main Cliff Left - Venus Wall is where I learned to Lead Climb. It sure looks a lot different in the winter! If you recognize any of the flows, please email me so that I correctly label them. Thanks!
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Right side of the Parking Lot Wall (5) The Meadows Flows

At the 5.8 Crag sign, I broke trail up to this ice flow just left and below the Main Cliff Left - Venus Wall. (2)

Main Cliff Left - Venus Wall Selsun Blue and The Cave Route in the upper right hand 
 Selsun Blue
The Cave Route
Venus Flakes - Dry Tooling (located to the left of Selsun Blue)

Main Cliff - Right (5)