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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Cathole Mountain Rock Climb, CT


Cathole Mountain, CT - Lovena, Jeni & Renee

Another round of climbing in CT, this time on Cathole Mountain! Jeni, Renee, and I got in some laps on Pink Elephants (5.6), Golden Book (5.6), and Pegasus (5.8)It was a fun day filled with climbing, eating, and laughter. So happy to help you out again Jeni! :) 

Monday, September 30, 2019

September Weekend Climbing

Farley Ledge
Met up with Iskuhi, Danica, and Jen at Farley Ledge. A bit crowded (a group of 13 at one area!) and managed to get in a lead and some climbs. Also met a bunch of really nice climbers (and dogs) as well. Super fun day! 

Thin Air, Cathedral Ledge
Jackie and I met up in the Cathedral Ledge parking lot. At the base of Thin Air. Jackie lead the first pitch and brought me up. I hemmed and hawed and finally decided to lead the second pitch. Everything was going great until I reached a really sketchy section and realized I didn't have the cam I needed. I knew right off the bat..." that crack was a #2 because that's my hand jam size." The feet at this particular section was sketchy, but I had to make sure. So I tried a #0.75 and #1, but both were too small. And the #3 and it was too big. I came back down to the little ledge and looked back at Jackie at the belay. I had both number 2's already placed. And why the hell did I place that #1 so closely to the second #2.......WTF Lovena? With no #2 to place, I had two choices. Climb through the section that sketched me out or bail. I bailed and back climbed to Jackie at the belay and she finished up leading the traverse. We rapped after the second pitch. Back down on the ground, I had a really good cry to get it out of my system. I don't know why, but I was really off today and crying was out of frustration and to vent. It felt good - time to move on! 

Friday, July 5, 2019

DLM Memorial - Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing

mt. forist, pitch 5, slab, rock climbing, DLM memorial, madigan area
Making my way up the beautiful slab of pitch 5 on the DLM Memorial (5.7)

Met up with Jackie for another climb on Mt. Forist in Berlin, NH. This time to do some multi-pitch climbing. Not gonna lie, that 1st pitch of DLM Memorial route (5.7) sketched me out! So instead of going straight up, I climbed to the left (large flakes) and slung a tree branch/root. And then traversed right to the bolt for even more runout sketchy-ness! Intend to climb this route again so I can go straight up on the start of P1 instead of wimping out. :)

This route hasn't been ticked off of MP since 2017, but that doesn't mean no one has climbed it. A lot of sections were really dirty and looked like it doesn't see a lot of traffic. And in some sections, there was a lot of sand making for slippery foot placements. But overall, the route was an amazing adventure! 6 pitches with 6 rappels on a single 70m rope.

The night before I stayed at the Christmas Farm & Inn Spa. Super quaint and so quiet at night - I had a very good night sleep the night before our climb. Had a wonderful dinner in their dining room and then went for a walk around the premises. Thank you, Jackie, for your help and support for my "Turning 60 and Climbing About It" project!  With today’s climbing, I’m at 21 leads of 64 pitches! Enjoy some photos of our climb on DLM Memorial route and of the Christmas Farm & Inn Spa. 

Looking up at the DLM Memorial route from the parking area.
Visible is P3 to the headwall on the last pitch.

Bringing Jackie up P1
DLM Memorial, Mt. Forist, multi pitch, slab climbing, rock climbing

At the P2 belay station

DLM Memorial, Mt. Forist, multi pitch, slab climbing, rock climbing
Going thru the gap of bushes of P3 was scary sketchy as the dirt was soft and moved under my feet. It felt spongey, like stepping on a pillow. (**lots of swear words used here)

P3 is only 85 feet so I climbed beyond the anchors and past 3 bolts to a tree on the left to set up an anchor. It was a nice shady place to take a break and get something to eat. From there, Jackie climbed passing a double bolt anchor used for rap line, and to the base of the slab of P5.

Bringing Jackie up the beautiful slab of P5.
P5 is indeed beautiful, it's all friction climbing!
5 bolts to a 0.4 cam under the flake near the anchors.
DLM Memorial, Mt. Forist, multi pitch, slab climbing, rock climbing

Looking down the slab of P5 and Madigan Street, below.
DLM Memorial, Mt. Forist, multi pitch, slab climbing, rock climbing

Left: Jackie making her way up P6.
Right: Jackie at the anchors of the headwall.
DLM Memorial, Mt. Forist, multi pitch, slab climbing, rock climbing

Jackson, NH, New Hampshire Inns, Spas

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Mt. Forist - Multi Pitch Rock Climbing

madigan, mt. forist, rock climbing, slab climbing,
Leading P2 of Madigan (5.6)

If you love slab like I do, go climb Mt. Forist! :)

A stellar day for some multi-pitch rock climbing with Jackie at Mt. Forist in Berlin, NH. The two routes we climbed were a great intro to the climbing and the rock feel of this mountain. In the shade the rock was slick and the climbing felt sketchy. But in the sun, the rock was amazing and uber sticky! We also bumped into Jeff Lea and Tom Callahan, who gave us great beta on the climbing routes there. We started on Madigan with Jackie leading P1 and me finishing up on P2. Then for P1 I lead Nibroc and we finished up with Jackie leading P2 of Brown School. Rain clouds and some thunder showed up quickly while I was making my way up to Jackie at the P2 anchors of Brown School. It turned cold really fast too. We hurried down just in case there was lightening as well. Double 70m got us down in 1 rappel.  Afterward, we all headed to the White Mountain Cafe & Bookstore for some post climbing coffee and sandwiches!

Thanks, Jeff for the photos. And thank you, Jackie, for your help and support for my "Turning 60 and Climbing About It" project!  Enjoy a few photos taken of our day multi-pitch rock climbing at Mt. Forist. Can't wait to get back to do more climbing there!

multi pitch, rock climbing, mt. Forist
Jackie (left) leading P1 of Madigan.
Tom (right) at the anchors of Nibroc

Nibroc, mt. Forist, rock climbing, multi pitch
Jeff at the anchors of Nibroc
(photo taken from P1 anchors of Madigan)

madigan, mt. forist, multi pitch, rock climbing
Bringing Jackie up P2 of Madigan

Brown school, mt. forist, multi pitch, rock climbing
Jeff at the P2 anchors of Brown School
(photo taken from P2 anchors of Madigan)

Nibroc, mt. forist, multi pitch, rock climbing
Bringing Jackie up Nibroc

multi pitch, rock climbing, madigan, nibroc, brown school

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