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Connecticut Rock Climbing

Shaka from the top of Wiessner's Slab Ragged Mountain, Connecticut Spent the Memorial Day weekend with Nicole and climbing in her neck of the woods. It was amazing an amazing day! On the first day Nicole and I went to Ragged Mountain. I wanted to lead a slab so Nicole showed me the  Wiessner's Slab . I quickly learned their slabs aren't the same as the slabs I'm accustomed to in NH.  Nicole didn't want me to miss an opportunity for an on-sight - so I lead  Wiessner's Slab and it sure was fun. There were a couple of hand and finger jams as well as a couple of foot jams to satisfy my crack fix! LOL! Right: bringing Nicole up! Rain the second day so we shopped at REI. It was cool to see Wilson hanging out! Afterwards we headed over to Prime Climb climbing gym to do some indoor climbing. There are two crack climbs (in the wall) and I got on both. They're both narrower than t

North Pack Monadnock - Hiking

North Pack Monadnock summit Summit Shaka! North Pack Monadnock (2,276ft) Elevation Gain: 1,350 feet Trails: Ted's, Cliff and Carolyn's Distance: 5.6 miles roundrtrip So much fun rock scrambling in the rain! Gray skies couldn't keep us away from hiking. Got together with 4 others of the Metrowest Retirees (or not yet) Ready For Adventure meetup group for a rainy day hike to the summit of North Pack Monadnock.  Great hiking company, peaceful woods, wildlife surprises and fantastic lookout views near the top more than made up for the challenge of the brutal mosquitoes. We hiked in the clockwise direction taking Ted's trail to the Cliff trail to the summit, then descended via Carolyn's trail. Enjoy some photos of our fun, rainy day hike! This is my favorite photo of our group as we ascended. Although foggy, I really love the background. A marvelous hike!  Fun rock scrambling in the rain Waterfall at mile 1

Quabbin Reservoir - Hiking

A mellow 5.5 mile hike through peaceful, beautiful woods and sights! Joined the Metrowest Retirees (or not yet) Ready for Adventure meetup group for a hike in the Ware, MA area. The Quabbin Reservoir , Ware River, Wachusetts Reservoir and their contributing watersheds supply drinking water to many communities in the metro Boston area as well as the Chicopee Valley area. The reservation is accessible to the public via more than 50 marked gates from around the perimeter of the reservoir. Our hike took us from the Observation Tower, to the Enfield Lookout, and finally to Hank's Meadow. Enjoy some photos taken of our hike. Quabbin Observation Tower Views from the Tower Along the trail A fine specimen with hair and bones! (Coyote scat) Fiddleheads Many water crossings The view from Enfield Look Out Read here about the underwater ghost town Pano of Quabbin Reservoir Reflections Along the trail

Pinnacle Rock - Rock Climbing

Met up with Nicole to do some climbing in her backyard. We headed out to the Pinnacle Rock crag in the Central Valley of CT. This is the first time I've ever climbed on Traprock and it reminded me of Granite, but more smoother. One of the climbs we did (First Crack) was interesting. I climbed it trying to use as many hand and foot jams as I could, and I was able to get a few good hand and foot jams. One thing I learned while climbing that route - I actually felt more secure using of foot jams to get me through a couple of sections - so fun! Thanks for a great day Nicole! Enjoy a few photos of our day. Pinnacle Rock in the background Tadpoles in a puddle at the trailhead First Crack (5.4) From the top of Cracked Wall Bumped into Matt Shove Here he is leading Second Crack (5.7) Also got to chat with Bob "Bob-O" Clark

Central Rock Gym - Climbing

Got to introduce several folks of the Metrowest Retirees (or not yet) Ready For Adventure meetup group to some indoor climbing. I organized a meetup at Central Rock Gym in Worcester, MA. and we had a good group to climb. The staff at CRG was fantastic with rental gear and overall gym orientation. It was evident that everyone had a great time. Not only did they learn to climb, but they also improved with every climb - they catch on fast! #borntoclimb #thestokeishigh

Estabrooks Woods - Hiking

Estabrook Woods Trails: Esker, Estabrook, Estabrook Rd, Bellows Hill Access, Poole Sachs Loop, Carlisle, East & West Hubbard. Distance: 6 miles roundtrip Elevation: 260 feet Joined the Metrowest Retirees (or not yet) Ready for Adventure meetup group for a fun hike through the Estabrook Woods in Concord/Carlisle, MA. We entered the woods through a path on private property. Estabrook Woods consists of 1700 acres of mainly private property that is maintained as a wildlife sanctuary and research. Enjoy some photos I took of our hike .