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My Decade of Climbing

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly I wanted to post this last year, but I held off until now with everything going on with Covid. May 2020 marked 10 years of climbing for me. It's not a very long time, but long enough to have some experiences I'd like to share. The Good - It started as a bucket list. I had only heard of rock climbing after receiving mail from my local YMCA advertising climbing classes. Not knowing what to expect, I signed up for 6 private 1-hour lessons for $99. That was May 2010 and by August, my instructor had brought me to Rumney Rocks in NH where I lead some easy sport routes on the Venus Wall. After my 6-private lessons, my instructor suggested I look into joining some climbing meetup groups and try out MetroRock in Newburyport. I joined 3 climbing meetup groups, two of which were run by women. It was such a good experience climbing in the two meetup groups run by women, I have met some amazing people and have experienced so many fun and challenging climbing sess

Turning 60 & Climbing About It!

It's 2019 and it's the big 6-0 this year! Yes, I turn 60 July 10th and what better way to celebrate than to climb, climb, climb throughout the entire year! My big 60 goal would be to make 60 outdoor climbing pitches by the end of 2019! All disciplines (except bouldering... weeellllll....maybe bouldering! ), either on top rope or on lead. I've enlisted the help of my climbing friends and I'm also looking for more to help me on my climbing journey. Follow along on my blog or let's get out to climb! 60 Pitches and Counting! # of Pitches - Route/Crag - Location - Type - Date 1 - Trestle Slab, Frankenstein Cliffs, Ice Climbing - 1.7.2019 2 - Moss Slab, Stonehouse Pond, Ice Climbing - 1.11.2019 4 - Moss Slab, Stonehouse Pond, Ice Climbing - 1.13.2019 2 - Moss Slab, Stonehouse Pond, Ice Climbing - 1.26.2019 4 - Leprechaun's Lement, Kinsman Notch, Ice Climbing - 2.17.2019 4 - North End Pillars, Cathedral Ledge, Ice Climbing - 2.25.2019 3 - Parkin

Chia & Waterfall - Ice Climbing

  At the top of Chia Beautiful day for ice climbing!  This was the first time I ever ice climbed in the 'Amphitheater' so I was stoked that Nuno had his sights on Chia ! At the base of  Chia (WI3+), there was already a party of two climbers who were just gearing up. We took a few photos of them and watched as Tony made his way up to the top of the climb. Nuno did a fantastic job of leading. The Amphitheater was in 'full sun' and while I was belaying Nuno up Chia, huge chunks of ice came down from the Widow's Walk/Bob's Delight area. And Pegasus was packed, including a group for a photoshoot. Waterfall (WI3) was our second climb. No one was on it and for good reason, it was thin. But again, Nuno crushed the lead. Near the top was a mix of ice, rock, and dirt. And Nuno and I both agreed that climbing Waterfall was waaay harder than climbing Chia! Super stellar day of ice climbing Frankenstein Cliffs with Nuno. Plus, on our way back down the trail from the top of

Top 25 Climbing Blogs of 2021

Hawaii Girl Adventures Blog has been selected as the Top 25 Climbing Blogs of 2021 by The Adventure Junkies! Thank you TAJ and congratulations to the other climbing blogs that made the list!