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Henderson Ridge – Multi Pitch Rock Climb

Looking down the Huntington Ravine, Mt. Washington, NH
Henderson Ridge (5.4) 4 pitches, 600 feet, Grade III Trad Huntington Ravine Mt. Washington, NH
Nelson Crag (5,635 feet) Via Nelson Crag Trail from Henderson Ridge Elevation Gain: 1,055 feet Mt. Washington, NH
“You folks are going DOWN?? But why??” . . . . said every hiker we encountered as we made our way down the headwall of Huntington Ravine! We explained that we were hiking down into the ravine to rock climb our way back up out of the ravine! Capeesh? They all got it. :) The Huntington Ravine Trail, btw, is considered to be the most difficult hiking trail in the NH White Mountains. And the AMC White Mountain Guide book suggest that “its use for descent at any time is strongly discouraged.” I’ll assume they mean descending the headwall…..that being said…..
I was hoping to get to hike the Huntington Ravine Trail sometime this year and got my chance when Sean, Tom and I did some multi pitch rock climbing in the Huntington Ravine. We decided …

Endeavor - Multi Pitch Rock Climb

Shaka from the belay station of Endeavor
Endeavour (5.7+) 7 pitches, 550 feet, Grade III Trad White's Ledge, Bartlett, NH
What a great day for a multi pitch rock climb! It was super hot with some humidity, but Endeavor was fun to climb, especially that 2nd pitch! We got a late start and waited in line for our turn so we only did 4 pitches. Also, rather than continue up and right to a pocketed crack system, we stayed to the left. So our 4th pitch was done climbing part of the 4th pitch of The White Streak ( 5.7). 
The approach
Up the Talus field
At the base
Tom coming up P1
At the belay station of P2
This area is bolted for Sport climbing and located just left of the belay station of P2. Don't know if it's "Endeavor Variation (5.9+)" or "Something Different (5.10a)"
Making my way up P2
Tom coming up P2
Tom and Sean at the belay station P3.