Sunday, June 23, 2019

Mt. Forist - Multi Pitch Rock Climbing

madigan, mt. forist, rock climbing, slab climbing,
Leading P2 of Madigan (5.6)

If you love slab like I do, go climb Mt. Forist! :)

A stellar day for some multi-pitch rock climbing with Jackie at Mt. Forist in Berlin, NH. The two routes we climbed were a great intro to the climbing and the rock feel of this mountain. In the shade the rock was slick and the climbing felt sketchy. But in the sun, the rock was amazing and uber sticky! We also bumped into Jeff Lea and Tom Callahan, who gave us great beta on the climbing routes there. We started on Madigan with Jackie leading P1 and me finishing up on P2. Then for P1 I lead Nibroc and we finished up with Jackie leading P2 of Brown School. Rain clouds and some thunder showed up quickly while I was making my way up to Jackie at the P2 anchors of Brown School. It turned cold really fast too. We hurried down just in case there was lightening as well. Double 70m got us down in 1 rappel.  Afterward, we all headed to the White Mountain Cafe & Bookstore for some post climbing coffee and sandwiches!

Thanks, Jeff for the photos. And thank you, Jackie, for your help and support for my "Turning 60 and Climbing About It" project!  Enjoy a few photos taken of our day multi-pitch rock climbing at Mt. Forist. Can't wait to get back to do more climbing there!

multi pitch, rock climbing, mt. Forist
Jackie (left) leading P1 of Madigan.
Tom (right) at the anchors of Nibroc

Nibroc, mt. Forist, rock climbing, multi pitch
Jeff at the anchors of Nibroc
(photo taken from P1 anchors of Madigan)

madigan, mt. forist, multi pitch, rock climbing
Bringing Jackie up P2 of Madigan

Brown school, mt. forist, multi pitch, rock climbing
Jeff at the P2 anchors of Brown School
(photo taken from P2 anchors of Madigan)

Nibroc, mt. forist, multi pitch, rock climbing
Bringing Jackie up Nibroc

multi pitch, rock climbing, madigan, nibroc, brown school

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