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Whitney Gilman Ridge 2015 – Multi Pitch Rock Climb

Whitney Gilman Ridge - check! Whitney-Gilman Ridge (5.7) 5 pitches, 600 feet Trad, Alpine, Grade II Cannon Cliff Franconia Notch, NH Whitney Gilman Revenge! This was our mantra for the most popular alpine rock climb in New England! Last May we attempted WGR but had to bail after 2 pitches due to getting a late start. Today it was busy, we were the 5th group (out of 7) in line, and it was like golf...just keep up with the group in front of you! I’m not gonna give a pitch description since you can already find that info online and in guidebooks. So I’m just gonna post our photos….yes, we’re happy and smiling in all our photos. We have good reason to - Whitney G, check! :) Go up this way from the paved bike path Up through the talus field with the prominent ridge of Whitney Gilman in sight! Long scramble up the talus field to the mountain base means you get a good warmup before your climb. :) Below,

Another Classroom

Another Classroom Another Classroom Cathedral Ledge North Conway, NH After bagging the summit of Iron Mountain , I drove over to the top of Cathedral Ledge to visit a new crag that George Hurley found and developed called "Another Classroom". It was really easy to find – just drive to the parking lot at the top of Cathedral Ledge. Just before reaching the parking circle, about 100 feet on the left side of the road, is a wide, flat, white granite slab. From here, follow the trail that leads to the climber's descent trail. Follow the trail to the left and down onto the Thin Air trail. At the bottom where Thin Air goes to the right, take a left and follow a small path along a large gray wall and you will see the "Another Classroom" wall. You can't miss's bolted! ;) **No, I didn't get to climb any of the routes. Another Classroom is the wall facing you as you make your way down this small path along a large gray wall

Iron Mountain - Solo Hike

Shaka from the Iron Mountain summit Iron Mountain (2,726 ft) Elevation Gain: 800 ft Miles: 1.6 roundtrip Duration: 1hr, 15min (includes stops along the trail and at the summit) NH 52 With A View Difficulty: Easy to moderate Another fine day to bag a NH 52 With A View summit! Although not much views at the summit, but there were views on the way to the summit. A side path (0.6 mile) lead to a great outlook up the Rocky Branch Valley While a ledge on the left of the trail at 0.7 mile, provided some eastward views. Some photos along the Iron Mountain trail (yes, I love photo collages!) I didn't have time to check out the Mine or the south ledges beyond the summit.  But I hope to be able to return to check those out when I can get a clearer day.  Tagged! Fire tower remnants at the summit Clouds over the Presidential Range After bagging the summit, I hurried back down to the trailhead and head

Glen Boulder - Solo Hike

Shaka from Glen Boulder above Pinkham Notch! Glen Boulder  (3,700ft) Trail: Glen Boulder Elevation Gain: 1,750 feet Mile: 3.2 roundtrip Duration: 3hrs, 20 minutes (includes stop along the trail and at the boulder) Difficulty: Easy to moderately strenuous Danger: Low to High (there are several water crossings, very slippery rocks, steep section, exposed rock scrambling, loose rocks along trail) I almost didn't leave my house today because it was raining over it! LOL! But I figured I’d just drive up north and check it out anyways. And I might as well since I was already packed. As I headed to North Conway, the skies gave way to sunshine and fluffy white clouds. I couldn’t believe how clear it was - weatherman wrong again! As I passed the Glen Ellis Falls trailhead I looked up and got a good view of the Glen Boulder and decided to give it a go. I had been curious about this glacial erratic for some time and wanted to see what it was all about. This would be