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Moss Slab Wall, Stonehouse Pond - Ice Climbing

Swing those ice tools!
Met up with Adam for some laps at the Moss Slab in Stonehouse Pond. Also met some new climbing friends, Kyle and Autumn - thanks for letting us use your excess anchor rope! Today's temps were cold and with the recent rain, the ice was soft and there was running water in a couple of spots. But still some good climbing laps to be had! With good chilly weather coming, the ice here should set up real nicely for the coming weekend! And thanks Adam for your help and support for my "Turning 60 and Climbing About It" project!

Kick those feet in!
Autumn's 2nd time on ice, swinging and kicking it!
Overlooking Stonehouse Pond from the top of the Main Cliff

Mt. Sunapee - Skiing Lesson #2

Top of Paradise Trail
My shins ache a bit, but that’s normal right! 😜
It's Learn To Ski month and it was a super fun 2nd day of ski lessons. Love the snow conditions here at Mount Sunapee Ski Resort! A couple of laps on the easy Lime (Green) trail and then we headed up the "Clipper Ship Quad" lift to ski down Paradise to Smooth Sail'n trails (both green). After our lessons I went back to Lime to keep practicing my turn technique (no snow plow turns) for another hour. It was another fun day skiing and I didn't want to leave!

So many things to remember! 
Trust your legs/feet!Remember to keep ankles and knees flexed.Keeping my weight on the balls of my feet forces the front of my skis into the snow and this helps makes turning super easy.Be patient when coming around the turn. For left turns, put most of my weight on right ski. Vice-versa for right turns.Turning uphill will slow you down.Breathe!
Starting to get it!!!⛷🎿

Groomed trails
Learning area from the bottom of  the…

Mt. Sunapee - Skiing Lesson #1

These aren't ice climbing boots!

My very first time skiing EVER, and it was a blast! 💓

It's Learn To Ski month and I bought the Adult 3 Pack Ski Lessons for $155 at Mt. Sunapee Ski Resort. The price includes gear rental and instruction. I arrived at the Rental Shop to check in and get my gear rental voucher and 3-lesson coupons. There were two other guys standing in line behind me who also signed up for the same group lessons. But they had some sort of emergency, cancelled their lessons and left. Honestly, they didn't look dressed for a day of skiing...they had street clothes on and one guy was complaining how cold he was. In any case, I was pretty stoked - I got a private lesson for the price of a group lesson! 👍

The folks at the Rental Shop were super nice and friendly, and made the entire process of getting my gear very easy. I took a shuttle from the Rental Shop to the South Peak Learning Area. From there I met Steve and he helped me adjust my ski boots so they fit prop…

Moss Slab Wall, Stonehouse Pond - Ice Climbing

More Stonehouse Pond fun! Warmer temps and another late start make perfect conditions for ice climbing laps. Nuno brought his binoculars and we took a look at the Flywalk route (WI3+, PG13), before heading out to the Moss Slab Wall. I was able to get in 6 laps on 3 different climbs. I also brought some of my ice screws so Nuno could practice placing them. Super fun swinging and kicking again! Really love Stonehouse Pond and am so glad to be back climbing here again. The new trails through the woods and parking lot make the approach super easy and is a remarkable improvement! And thanks Nuno for your help and support for my "Turning 60 and Climbing About It" project! Some photos taken of our day ice climbing at the Moss Slab Wall. 

Looking at Flywalk (WI3+, PG13) from across the pond

Todd leading the left side

Stonehouse Pond - Ice Climbing

Moss Slab Wall
Can't believe its been 5 years since I last ice climbed here! Joined Phil for some cragging at Stonehouse Pond in Barrington, NH. The place has changed but for the better! Phil pointed out that several new trails were put in. Besides reducing impact, these trails keep hikers and climbers off of the private properties of the surrounding residents. The parking is at the new Kiosk at the second pullout on the left. The approach from the parking lot starts through a gate and the hike is a scenic walk through the woods, taking you along the edge of the pond. There are trail markers on some of the trees and the elevation gain is mellow. Today's temps were in the teen's and as the day wore on, the rope iced up. But it was a good day for swinging and kicking laps and getting outdoors. And thanks Phil for your help and support for my "Turning 60 and Climbing About It" project! Enjoy a few photos taken of our day. 

Along the trail

Phil taking some practice swin…

Crack Climbing & Sport Leading Lesson #10

Great day of sport leading and crack climbing lessons! Started off with warming up on the stationary bike and then onto stretches. I even got instructions on using a climbing Hangboard (fingerboard) which I'll be adding to my climbing workout! I'll continue yoga, HIIT training on the treadmill, and weight lifting exercises. 

During my crack climbing lesson I got to the half-way point of the overhanging section. And I’m really enjoying the “climbing” aspect of sport leading, but wished I was a lot faster at route reading. Sometimes I don’t get how to use certain holds and it takes a while for me to visualize my movement over them. Tino says it’ll come with time and to keep onsighting more.❤️

Trestle Slab (WI3) - Ice Climbing

Trestle Slab (WI3)
Frankenstein Cliffs
Crawford Notch, NH

Hello 2019! 
My first ice climbing outing of the season/year - and it did not disappoint! Mellow day of ice climbing at Frankenstein Cliffs in Crawford Notch, NH. Nuno and I took a late start and climbed the Trestle Slab (WI3). I lead up to the tree at the top of the middle of the slab where there are a couple of cordelettes with rap rings, then brought Nuno up. It was very warm especially with one too many layers on. We had the slab all to ourselves and it was a super chill day of climbing! And thanks Nuno for your help and support for my "Turning 60 and Climbing About It" project!