Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mt. Willard - Solo HIke

Mt. Willard summit
Willey's Slide (ice climbing) on the right

Mt. Willard (2,865ft)
Elevation Gain: 900ft
Trails: Mt. Willard
Difficulty: Very Easy

Did a short hike today and the cool temps were invigorating and just wonderful! 4 years ago I hiked Mt. Willard and it was a different scene. Check out my blogpost here from that hike. 

Although there was much less snow today, I still needed my microspikes! Some parts of the Mt. Willard trail were very slushy, muddy and icy! There were a lot of hikers who weren't prepared with some form of traction, and I saw many slipping and falling. 

Centennial Pool

This section of the trail was especially icy!

Summit view of Crawford Notch

On my way back down to the trailhead I 
took a detour and hiked down the climber's
path to the top of "The Cleft" ice climb. 

Not much ice for climbing!
This is a pretty cool ice climb once all 
the ice is in. See my blogpost here for 
my January and March climbs on The Cleft.

I was tempted to descend through the Cleft
but there were too many leaves and loose
rocks for my liking and comfort. I tried another
path off to the side to descend but it led 
to nowhere. Probably a "pee-pee path". 
So I backtracked and finished my hike. 

Near the trailhead and just off the trail at the first water crossing, someone
realized it wasn't a good idea to continue the hike with a baby stroller!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Endeavor - Multi Pitch Rock Climb

Shaka from the belay station of Endeavor

Endeavour (5.7+)
7 pitches, 550 feet, Grade III
White's Ledge, Bartlett, NH

What a great day for a multi pitch rock climb! It was super hot with some humidity, but Endeavor was fun to climb, especially that 2nd pitch! We got a late start and waited in line for our turn so we only did 4 pitches. Also, rather than continue up and right to a pocketed crack system, we stayed to the left. So our 4th pitch was done climbing part of the 4th pitch of The White Streak ( 5.7). 

The approach

Up the Talus field

At the base

Tom coming up P1

At the belay station of P2

This area is bolted for Sport climbing and located
just left of the belay station of P2. Don't know if it's
"Endeavor Variation (5.9+)" or "Something Different (5.10a)"

Making my way up P2

Tom coming up P2

Tom and Sean at the belay station P3.

Relax after climbing P2

Tom and I at the belay station as
Sean makes his way up P3

Finishing up P3

Tom P3

Tom P3

Looking up our last pitch

Making my way up P4

Tom P4

Our climbing route Endeavor (5.7+)

Yellow line = route
Pink circle = belay stations

We climbed 4 pitches with our 4th pitch
climbing part of the P4 of The White Streak (5.7).
(we left a cordelette and 2 biners for our rap)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Mt. Pemigewasset - Summer Hiking

Tree pose atop Mt. Pemigewasset

Mt. Pemigewasset (2,557ft)
Elevation Gain: 1,557ft
Trail: Mt. Pemigewasset
Distance: 3.6 miles roundtrip
NH 52 With A View
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Starting off the Labor Day weekend hiking Mt. Pemigewasset with Boomer and his mom, Noreen. The weather was incredible! A bit hot and humid, but sunny for the day! Lots of others hiking up and down the trail as well. Enjoy some photos that we took of our hike today!

Boomer takes the lead

Eh, shaka!

The Indian Head Rock Profile from Route 3

Friday, August 28, 2015

Iron Mountain - Solo Hike

Shaka from the Iron Mountain summit

Iron Mountain (2,726 ft)
Elevation Gain: 800 ft
Miles: 1.6 roundtrip
Duration: 1hr, 15min (includes stops along the trail and at the summit)
NH 52 With A View
Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Another fine day to bag a NH 52 With A View summit! Although not much views at the summit, but there were views on the way to the summit.

A side path (0.6 mile) lead to a great outlook up the Rocky Branch Valley

While a ledge on the left of the trail at 0.7 mile, provided some eastward views.

Some photos along the Iron Mountain trail
(yes, I love photo collages!)

I didn't have time to check out the Mine or the south ledges beyond the summit. 
But I hope to be able to return to check those out when I can get a clearer day. 


Fire tower remnants at the summit

Clouds over the Presidential Range

After bagging the summit, I hurried back down to the trailhead and headed over to Cathedral Ledge to check out some newly bolted routes on a new rock climbing crag called Another Classoom. 4 other hikers and a dog headed up while I was coming down. And a group of 5 were out strolling up the dirt road past the trailhead parking lot as I was coming off the trail. 

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