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Kaukau Bozeman, MT - Food Review

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Whistle Pig Korean
What a wonderful surprise! Ronnie and I didn't expect to find traditional Korean food in Bozeman, but we did! Our first visit was for lunch and it was so good, we went back for dinner after our visit to Yellowstone National Park.

Ted's Montana Grill
I don't usually eat burgers, but I wanted to taste Bison so I ordered the Bison Burger! First time tasting bison and it was delicious! It wasn't as greasy as hamburgers. 

Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill
Wow, this place rocks! The ambiance is very rustic, the waitstaff is friendly and the food is amazing! Located in downtown, the entire restaurant is in the basement below an Asian restaurant. Ribeye (left) and Whiskey Glazed Roast Chicken (right).

Dave's Sushi (off Main Street)
Ahi Sashimi from Hawaii! Just a bit of warning, they don&#…

Custer Gallatin National Forest

Today my groom and I headed out to the Custer Gallatin National Forest. On our way, we stopped at REI to pick up a Hyalite Canyon trail map ($5). The drive from Bozeman was only 20 minutes and the ride through the canyon was beautiful! We passed several campgrounds and at the pull-offs, several folks fishing at the creek. At the reservoir, there were many people taking advantage of the mild temperatures. Many were camping along the east shore of the reservoir. Many were enjoying the water in kayaks, canoes, or tubes. On our way out we stopped by Practice Rock to watch some climbers. Such a mellow day!  Enjoy some photos taken of our day.

Yellowstone National Park 2019

My groom and I had a wonderful vacation in Montana. We got to golf and visit both a national park and a national forest. Since we stayed at the Holiday Inn Bozeman in Bozeman, Montana, we entered the North entrance of the Yellowstone National Park via I90 & US89, coming through the town of Gardiner, MT. From the North entrance, the Albright Visitor Center is 5 miles and Old Faithful Geyser is approximately 56 miles. If you drive the speed limit and there's no traffic (ha!) and you don't stop (ha! again), it should take about an hour and a half. We entered the park at 8:16am, made several stops along the way, and watched the Old Faithful Geyser erupt at 1:20pm. And yes, even on a weekday, there is a lot of traffic! 

The drive from the North entrance was simply amazing. Traveling southbound along the Grand Loop Road, the Washburn Range was to the east and the Gallatin Range to the west. Ronnie and I drove in silence, taking in the grand views of the peaks of the ranges. Some …

Bridger Creek Golf Course

Bridgers Creek Golf Course is a quiet, 18 hole golf course at the base of the Bridger Mountains Range. My groom and I got an afternoon tee time and the weather was phenomenal! The course is in really good condition and the greens were fast, and the course layout plays well. Enjoy some photos taken of our round!

12th hole along Story Mill Road
The 13th tee box at 4,780 feet elevation with the Bridger Mountain Range in the background
The 13th tee box overlooking the Gallatin Valley
Pond at the 15th hole

The 13th green

Redrocks - Rock Climbing

Leading Roll The Bones (5.5)
Don't like the humidity and heat, but love climbing more! This morning, Nuno and I met up at Redrocks in Gloucester, MA. to get in a couple laps of climbing. Started on the Main Crag warming up on High Me (5.7), then getting a short sport lead in on Roll The Bones (5.5). Afterwards, we moved onto the Pink Floyd Wall crag. By noon it was so, so humid and the wall was super slippery. So slippery I couldn't even finish Atom Heart Mother (5.6). And I attempted Meddle (5.6) but my hand jams kept slipping out - even with my Ocun crack gloves on! I really wanted to just try and get into the crack up to the midpoint, but I couldn't keep my hand jammed. I'd love to get back to give the Pink Floyd Wall a try again but when it isn't so humid. Thank you Nuno, for your photos and your help and support for my "Turning 60 and Climbing About It" project!  With today’s climbing, I’m at  27 leads of 71 pitches! Enjoy some photos taken of our day…

Buffalo Pit & Buffalo Corral - Rock Climbing

The arete of Lonesome Buffalo (5.8)
Brought some of my favorite climbing friends together for a day of cragging at Buffalo Pit and Buffalo Corral in Rumney. Got an early morning start to beat some of the humidity, heat and possible thunderstorms. Fun climbing Innocent Prairie Dog (5.1), Mr. Buffoolo To You (5.4), Sunny Side Up (5.10c), Lonesome Buffalo (5.8), Mild Horses (5.5), Ghost Pine (5.6), Bleached Bones (5.7) and Book Of Sins (5.5). We spent most of the morning at Buffalo Pit and then headed to Buffalo Corral for more climbing. Didn't stay long...the heat and the humidity continued. But mostly I didn't feel like continuing to listen to the guy on the 5.9+ Flaming Arrow constantly swearing. He couldn't make the crux and was literally throwing a temper tantrum. 

Yes, the humidity and heat were brutal. But the climbing and friends more than made up for it. And a great big MAHALO - Nuno, Jackie, Noah, Iskuhi and Danica for your help and support for my "Turning 60 and…

DLM Memorial - Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing

Making my way up the beautiful slab of pitch 5 on the DLM Memorial (5.7)
Met up with Jackie for another climb on Mt. Forist in Berlin, NH. This time to do some multi-pitch climbing. Not gonna lie, that 1st pitch of DLM Memorial route (5.7) sketched me out! So instead of going straight up, I climbed to the left (large flakes) and slung a tree branch/root. And then traversed right to the bolt for even more runout sketchy-ness! Intend to climb this route again so I can go straight up on the start of P1 instead of wimping out. :)

This route hasn't been ticked off of MP since 2017, but that doesn't mean no one has climbed it. A lot of sections were really dirty and looked like it doesn't see a lot of traffic. And in some sections, there was a lot of sand making for slippery foot placements. But overall, the route was an amazing adventure! 6 pitches with 6 rappels on a single 70m rope.

The night before I stayed at the Christmas Farm & Inn Spa. Super quaint and so quiet at night…