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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Tipsy Taber Trails - Off Roading

More off-roading in CT! Spent the day at the Tipsy Taber Trails in Putnam, CT. This is a 10 acre, private property for weekenders to off-road.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Soapstone Mountain, CT: Off-Roading

From the summit of Soapstone Mountain, CT

Super fun day on 3 #trails in the Soapstone Mountain area!
I learned a lot about my Toyota #4runner taking it offroading for the very first time! After meeting in the parking lot, we drove up the paved road to the summit lookout. Then we headed down to the dirt trail across the street from the parking lot where the dirt terrain was level with a few mud puddles. After that trail, we continued about 3-4 miles down the street to go get muddy. The terrain was level in this area, but there were lots of mud puddles - weeee! I put my 4Runner in High 4WD and used the multi-terrain selector for this last section. The day ended with checking out the "Mud Pit." I know my rig is more than capable for offroading terrain, I just need to learn the ins and outs of all of its off-roading modes! And I didn't realize how much fun it was to take my 4Runner into the mud! LOL!  I had a blast and it was such a cool way of getting out and also meeting other offroad enthusiasts. Enjoy this short video of the trail.
This #offroad meet hosted by @Offroad_Passion

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