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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Weekend Ice Climbing

Did a small lead as my last climb of the day
Moss Wall, Stonehouse Pond, NH

What a great weekend of climbing. I got in a couple of small leads and lots of top rope laps at Rumney and Stonehouse Pond. I had climbed rock at Rumney many times but it was my first time EVER ice climbing at Rumney and it was a blast! Originally we were supposed to climb at Frankenstein Cliff on Saturday but Nancy forgot her snow pants. I suggested Rumney or the North End of Cathedral because both are sheltered. We decided on Rumney and it turned out to be a good alternative. Rumney was 8 degrees warmer and when we got there, there were some folks leaving. We got in some laps and I got to lead that dirty little route on the right!  😁 

Parking Lot Wall Pano
rumney, ice climbing, parking lot wall

On Sunday I met up with Adam and Kyle at Stonehouse Pond. They each brought two others who were new to ice climbing. The new climbers were having a great time learning. Eric and I paired up to climb and it was fun to give him some beta about climbing and ice screws as well. Happy to get in some laps and a small lead as well! ❤️

Thanks to all your help and support this weekend in my "Turning 60 & Climbing About It" project! 27 pitches down, 33 left to go!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Moss Slab Wall, Stonehouse Pond - Ice Climbing

pink pants, ice climbing, moss slab, cragging, stonehouse pond
Swing those ice tools!

Met up with Adam for some laps at the Moss Slab in Stonehouse Pond. Also met some new climbing friends, Kyle and Autumn - thanks for letting us use your excess anchor rope! Today's temps were cold and with the recent rain, the ice was soft and there was running water in a couple of spots. But still some good climbing laps to be had! With good chilly weather coming, the ice here should set up real nicely for the coming weekend! And thanks Adam for your help and support for my "Turning 60 and Climbing About It" project!

Kick those feet in!

Autumn's 2nd time on ice, swinging and kicking it!


Overlooking Stonehouse Pond from the top of the Main Cliff

Monday, January 14, 2019

Moss Slab Wall, Stonehouse Pond - Ice Climbing

Stonehouse Pond, ice climbing

More Stonehouse Pond fun! Warmer temps and another late start make perfect conditions for ice climbing laps. Nuno brought his binoculars and we took a look at the Flywalk route (WI3+, PG13), before heading out to the Moss Slab Wall. I was able to get in 6 laps on 3 different climbs. I also brought some of my ice screws so Nuno could practice placing them. Super fun swinging and kicking again! Really love Stonehouse Pond and am so glad to be back climbing here again. The new trails through the woods and parking lot make the approach super easy and is a remarkable improvement! And thanks Nuno for your help and support for my "Turning 60 and Climbing About It" project! Some photos taken of our day ice climbing at the Moss Slab Wall. 

Looking at Flywalk (WI3+, PG13) from across the pond

Todd leading the left side

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Stonehouse Pond - Ice Climbing

ice climbing, cragging, new england
Moss Slab Wall

Can't believe its been 5 years since I last ice climbed here! Joined Phil for some cragging at Stonehouse Pond in Barrington, NH. The place has changed but for the better! Phil pointed out that several new trails were put in. Besides reducing impact, these trails keep hikers and climbers off of the private properties of the surrounding residents. The parking is at the new Kiosk at the second pullout on the left. The approach from the parking lot starts through a gate and the hike is a scenic walk through the woods, taking you along the edge of the pond. There are trail markers on some of the trees and the elevation gain is mellow. Today's temps were in the teen's and as the day wore on, the rope iced up. But it was a good day for swinging and kicking laps and getting outdoors. And thanks Phil for your help and support for my "Turning 60 and Climbing About It" project! Enjoy a few photos taken of our day. 

Along the trail

Phil taking some practice swings and kicks

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stonehouse Pond Ice Climbing

Stonehouse Pond Ice Climbing
AMC-NH Mountaineering
A mellow day of ice climbing in Barrington, NH
Bringing a bit of Hawaii to New England!

A few of us did some ice climbing without tools
I actually enjoy this!

 Amy (2)



Eric on some mixed stuff


Jim Kent

Ben on the mixed stuff

Jim, Tom and Joe

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kellie Barr-Foster Day - Rock Climbing

A beautiful day for some Fall rock climbing at Stonehouse Pond in Barrington, NH! Rock climbing friends of Kellie enjoyed the weather and fun of climbing on the Kellie Barr-Foster Day. 

 Enjoy photos some photos that were taken of this fun day!
Tom setting up top roping anchor
Jeff and Kiki
Rhonda on "The Nose"
My turn on "The Nose"
Jeff on my belay

I was able to get a reporter and photographer out to Stonehouse Pond on Kellie's Day. Liz at Foster Daily Democrat tried her hand at rock climbing for the very first time. She rocked it and here's her story along with some photos!
Rock-Solid Faith: Climbing Goes Beyond Physical Skills

By Liz Markhlevskaya
Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BARRINGTON — Hanging on the side of a cliff at Stonehouse Pond, I was clenching on for dear life.

Being held up by just my fingertips and the very edges of my shoes, I looked down and saw what looked like an abyss. My limbs started to shake, as I looked up and saw the rock face I was attempting to climb. I found the smallest crevice in the rock that I could step on, and hesitated before putting most of my weight on it. As I fought the urge to use my arms to pull up, I heard the instructor, Kellie Barr-Foster, yelling, “Trust the shoe!”

Barr-Foster, who saved a man’s life at Stonehouse Pond last month, was belaying the rope, which was preventing me from falling if I lost my grip. Convincing myself that my shoe won’t slip off, I put most of my weight on it, and pushed myself up further without slipping.

If I’m thinking about my boot coming off the rock it will come off,” I recalled Jeff Stone, a climbing instructor, saying before my climb. “If I think about it staying there long enough for me to make my next move, it will stay there.” Stone, 69, who has been climbing for 20 years, still learns lessons each time he goes climbing, he says. One of those lessons is distinguishing objective fear from subjective fear, such as the fear of heights. 

On Saturday, he was in the local group of climbers who came to Stonehouse Pond in honor of Barr-Foster, who saved fisherman Steve Travis, of Nottingham, from drowning. Travis had been fly fishing at the pond on Oct. 2, when one of the bladders on his float tube gave out and he became fatigued trying to get back to shore. Barr-Foster, who heard him calling for help, rushed into the pond, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, and swam him to shore.

On Oct. 21, the town selectmen proclaimed Nov. 2, 2013, as “Kellie Barr-Foster Day.” Barr-Foster, a rock climber of 20 years, spent much of Saturday helping other climbers, and shouting out tips as she belayed them from the bottom of the cliff.

“She has a way of making it flow for you,” said Jane Lissner, who has been climbing with Barr-Foster over the summer. Lissner, 48, of Dover, began climbing in May, after overcoming cancer and regaining her strength from six months of chemotherapy.“I’m really kind of hooked now,” she said about climbing.For Lissner, climbing “is a real metaphor for life. If something seems difficult to do, it’s not as difficult as it seems.” 

Stone, of Wilton, who is one of the instructors with AMC Rock Climbing Club, said he, too, “was hooked” after the first time he went climbing in North Conway 20 years ago. According to Stone, who is a software engineer, rock climbing tends to appeal to “techies” like him, as the sport involves using the gear and physics in one’s favor.

The group of climbers on Saturday, consisting of children and adults alike, organized via the group, called NH Rock Climbing, which is open to all levels of climbers.

And whether it’s offering each other snacks or lending gear to beginner climbers, the camaraderie among fellow climbers on Saturday was hard to miss. 

Monika O’Clair/Democrat photo Foster’s Daily Democrat reporter Liz Markhlevskaya tries rock climbing for the first time with Kellie Barr-Foster as her belayer during a meeting of The N.H. Rock Climbing group in celebration of Kellie Barr-Foster Day at Stonehouse Pond in Barrington, NH. 


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stonehouse Pond - Rock Climbing

More rock climbing at Stonehouse Pond in Barrington, NH. Met up at the trailhead for Kellie's NH Rock Climbing Meetup. It never gets old! Click on photos for larger views.

The 4 routes we climbed today 

YouTube Channel - Hawaii Girl Adventures

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