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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Moab, UT Food & Shopping 2019

I visited Moab, Utah for a rock climbing festival and to continue my bucket list and do some hiking at the Arches National Park. I flew into Moab's Canyonland Field Airport (CNY) via SkyWest/United Airlines Express with a connecting flight from Denver, CO. The flight takes less than an hour and if you fly into Moab from Denver (or vice versa), make sure to get a window seat - on a clear day the views are phenomenal! 

I picked up my car rental from the Enterprise window that also shares space with National and Alamo car rentals. You can also rent through Canyonlands Car Rentals at the next window. **NOTE: The car rental offices at the airport only operate during certain hours! So make sure you find out what those hours are and make some sort of arrangements (Uber or cab) to get to your hotel/campground if you arrive after the car rental office has closed.

This airport is very small. There's only one check-in counter, one gate and the only commercial passenger airline that flies in and out of this airport is SkyWest/United Airlines Express. There are only two daily flights between Canyonlands Field Airport and Denver, Colorado on Thursdays thru Mondays. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, there is only one round-trip flight. So plan accordingly if you decide to fly in and out of this airport. 

SkyWest, United Airlines Express, Airport, Moab

Keep in mind that the weather in Denver can affect your flight into or out of Canyonland Field Airport as it did mine. My flight out to Denver was delayed 3 times and as a result, I missed my connecting flight from Denver to Boston. The ground crew was fabulous and kept us updated and provided water bottles and snacks while we waited. I was automatically rebooked on the next flight out of Denver to Boston. 

From the airport, it's a 30-minute drive to Moab and you'll pass the Arches National Park on the way. And you can't miss it either. As you come around a bend near the park's entrance on US Hwy 191, you can see the walls of the Courthouse Towers rising above the park's winding road. It's pretty impressive and I wanted to stop to take photos but was afraid I'd get a ticket. 

Flight from Moab to Denver

While in Moab I didn't eat out very much. My room was equipped with a microwave oven and a small refrigerator. And a well-stocked, all-you-can-eat breakfast was included every morning: hot and cold cereals, cheesy omelets, egg-white omelets, sausages, bacon, turkey patties, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, lots of fresh fruits and pastries, boiled eggs, yogurt, juices, water, coffee, and teas. The hotel also provided two bottles of water at check-in and they set out a large basket of free granola bars at the front desk. I picked up more bottled water and a few groceries and fruits at the local City Market grocery store to make my own sandwiches to take with me to the climbing clinic and on my hikes.

rocks, fossils, petrified wood, gemstones

I arrived into Moab well before the hotel's check-in time so to kill some time I went shopping. My first stop was the Moab Rock Shop at 600 N Main Street. This store is jammed pack with stones and fossils so give yourself plenty of time to browse. It has a wonderful history, the folks who work here are very knowledgable and its a must-stop if you're ever in Moab. Of course, I picked up some rocks!

High-quality leather goods...I love the smell of leather! Authentic leather cowboy hats, boots, belts, purses, etc. Also, carries jewelry, clothing, Native American artifacts & jewelry, and more.

Lema’s Kokopelli Gallery - 70 N Main Street
A beautiful shop with the museum-feel to it! Stunning handcrafted Native American pottery, rugs, jewelry and more! The shop owner was very friendly and knowledgable. 

Tumbleweed - 31 N Main Street
Handmade goods by local and regional artists. 

Moab Made - 82 N Main Street
Handmade goods by local artists. 

Moab Gallery - 87 N Main Street
A co-op art gallery of local artists.

WabiSabi Thrift Store - 160 E 100 Street
I always seek out the local thrift stores! Located on a side street, the prices are great and funding goes to several local organizations.

Sabaku Sushi90 E Center Street
Excellent waitstaff service and delicious sushi! Since every sushi chef is different, I had the Chirashi and was not disappointed with their chef's version of my favorite dish. Highly recommend. 

Sunset Grill - 900 N Main Street
Gorgeous sunset views, there is a window view at every seat. Outstanding and attentive waitstaff service. But the food was okay. I ordered the Wild Ahi Tuna and it was a 1.25-inch thick slab of tuna that was lightly grilled. It tasted wonderful but I didn't care for the mushroom sauce or the vegetables that accompanied the meal. I guess I will always prefer my seafood with either a Hawaiian or Asian flair. I would still eat here and when I go back, will try their other dishes. 

Sunset Grill - Gorgeous sunset views, there is a window view at every seat. 

I flew first class on United Airlines. First class includes breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on the flight time. On the Boston to Denver flight, I had their breakfast meal (left) and on the Denver to Boston flight, I had their dinner meal (right). Since they have two meal options to choose from, I always try to choose the meal option that contains the least-amount-of/no dairy products. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

Kaukau Bozeman, MT - Food Review

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Whistle Pig Korean
What a wonderful surprise! Ronnie and I didn't expect to find traditional Korean food in Bozeman, but we did! Our first visit was for lunch and it was so good, we went back for dinner after our visit to Yellowstone National Park.

Ted's Montana Grill
I don't usually eat burgers, but I wanted to taste Bison so I ordered the Bison Burger! First time tasting bison and it was delicious! It wasn't as greasy as hamburgers. 

Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill
Wow, this place rocks! The ambiance is very rustic, the waitstaff is friendly and the food is amazing! Located in downtown, the entire restaurant is in the basement below an Asian restaurant. Ribeye (left) and Whiskey Glazed Roast Chicken (right).

Dave's Sushi (off Main Street)
Ahi Sashimi from Hawaii! Just a bit of warning, they don't serve any beef, pork or chicken or any meat. Just seafood.

Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse
Light sushi meal for me, steak and shrimp for my groom. Good prices, friendly waitstaff, and fast service!

United Airlines
Flew first class on the Chicago-to-Boston leg and was served dinner. The food was delicious but then again I was very hungry. We were late getting out of Chicago and sat on the tarmac for 2.5 hours waiting for the ground-stay in Boston to be lifted. Attentive service and comfy seats.

Three Rivers Restaurant - Holiday Inn Bozeman
We stayed here during our entire visit and ate breakfast every morning here. I loved the scrambled eggs, bacon and the cup of fresh fruit slices!

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