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Buffalo Pit & Buffalo Corral - Rock Climbing

The arete of Lonesome Buffalo (5.8) Brought some of my favorite climbing friends together for a day of cragging at Buffalo Pit and Buffalo Corral in Rumney. Got an early morning start to beat some of the humidity, heat and possible thunderstorms. Fun climbing Innocent Prairie Dog (5.1) , Mr. Buffoolo To You (5.4) , Sunny Side Up (5.10c) , Lonesome Buffalo (5.8) , Mild Horses (5.5) , Ghost Pine (5.6) , Bleached Bones (5.7) and Book Of Sins (5.5) . We spent most of the morning at Buffalo Pit and then headed to Buffalo Corral for more climbing. Didn't stay long...the heat and the humidity continued. But mostly I didn't feel like continuing to listen to the guy on the 5.9+ Flaming Arrow constantly swearing. He couldn't make the crux and was literally throwing a temper tantrum.  Yes, the humidity and heat were brutal. But the climbing and friends more than made up for it. And a great big MAHALO -  Nuno, Jackie, Noah, Iskuhi and Danica for your help and support for my 

Buffalo Corral - Rock Climbing

Leading Stampede (5.8) Buffalo Corral Rumney Rocks Rumney, NH If you love slab like I do, go climb Buffalo Corral. Met up with Nuno and David at Buffalo Corral of Rumney Rocks. It was our first time climbing there and we had a really great day. The parking lot is large and I'm hoping that the little clearing off to the side will be the location of the new outhouse. The approach is super short and the crag is well-shaded. There are trails on both sides of the slab to access the top to set up top rope anchors. We didn't do any top rope climbing today, just leading. We pretty much started on the right side of the slab and worked our way to the left side. David lead Mild Horses (5.5) , Ghost Pine (5.6) , Bleached Bones (5.7) and Flaming Arrow (5.9+) .  And both Nuno and I lead all the routes but the 5.9+ Flaming Arrow. 3 other groups showed up and they mostly climbed the right side of the slab. T hanks, Nuno and David for the photos and your help and support for