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Kaukau Bozeman, MT - Food Review

Visit my foodie Instagram page! @hawaiigirltastyadventures Whistle Pig Korean What a wonderful surprise! Ronnie and I didn't expect to find traditional Korean food in Bozeman, but we did! Our first visit was for lunch and it was so good, we went back for dinner after our visit to Yellowstone National Park. Ted's Montana Grill I don't usually eat burgers, but I wanted to taste Bison so I ordered the Bison Burger! First time tasting bison and it was delicious! It wasn't as greasy as hamburgers.  Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill Wow, this place rocks! The ambiance is very rustic, the waitstaff is friendly and the food is amazing! Located in downtown, the entire restaurant is in the basement below an Asian restaurant.  Ribeye (left) and Whiskey Glazed Roast Chicken (right). Dave's Sushi (off Main Street) Ahi