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South Moat & North Doublehead - Solo Hike

South Moat Mountain (2,760ft) Trail: Moat Mountain Trail Elevation Gain: 2,200ft Miles:   5.4 miles roundtrip Duration: 3.5 hrs (includes stop along trail at the summit for 30 min) Difficulty: Easy to moderate North Doublehead (3,053ft) Trail: New Path Elevation Gain: 1,600ft Miles:   3.0 miles roundtrip Duration: 2 hrs, 15 min (includes stop along trail at the summit for 15 min) Difficulty: Easy to moderately strenuous Checked off numbers 16 & 17 of my NH 52 With A View list! I wasn’t planning on bagging 2 peaks from the list today, but after 2,200 feet of elevation gain to the summit of South Moat, I still felt good (my knee wasn't bothering me). So I hiked to the summit of North Doublehead for another 1,600 feet of elevation gain, and that did the trick for me today. Enjoy some photos I took of my hike to the South Moat Mountain. Along the Moat Mountain Trail At the summit After I got down from South Moat I felt good. My kn