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Sunday, June 21, 2015

South Moat & North Doublehead - Solo Hike

South Moat Mountain (2,760ft)
Trail: Moat Mountain Trail
Elevation Gain: 2,200ft
Miles:  5.4 miles roundtrip
Duration: 3.5 hrs (includes stop along trail at the summit for 30 min)
Difficulty: Easy to moderate

North Doublehead (3,053ft)
Trail: New Path
Elevation Gain: 1,600ft
Miles:  3.0 miles roundtrip
Duration: 2 hrs, 15 min (includes stop along trail at the summit for 15 min)
Difficulty: Easy to moderately strenuous

Checked off numbers 16 & 17 of my NH 52 With A View list! I wasn’t planning on bagging 2 peaks from the list today, but after 2,200 feet of elevation gain to the summit of South Moat, I still felt good (my knee wasn't bothering me). So I hiked to the summit of North Doublehead for another 1,600 feet of elevation gain, and that did the trick for me today. Enjoy some photos I took of my hike to the South Moat Mountain.

Along the Moat Mountain Trail

At the summit

After I got down from South Moat I felt good. My knees weren’t hurting and I wanted more cardio workout. So I headed over to the trailhead of North Doublehead. The parking lot is really small and can fit up to 5 vehicles parked closely to one another. The trail actually starts up the dirt road a bit and to the right. There is a large white sign with an arrow on it pointing in the direction of the trail. If you continue on the dirt road, there is a “private property” sign near a small bridge. There is a “No Parking” sign along the one-lane dirt road as well.

Just before the junction I met a family of 3…looked like grandparents with their grandson. They told me that it was their 2nd attempt to summit via the steep, “Old Path” trail and they turned around because it was too steep and strenuous. I asked if it was rocky and the guy said that it was all rocky ….which was bullshit. Some parts of the trail were a bit rocky but not as much as South Moat. The woman told me that I should ascend using the Doublehead Ski Trail as it would be “easier on me.” I quickly looked them over and realized that they didn’t even have a backpack or so much as a water bottle between them. Yup, I really want their advice. Not!  I quickly told them bye and headed to the junction where I took a right onto the steeper trail.  I met two more hikers descending and we chatting for a bit, and then I continued upwards. And the trail stayed steep. And I pushed on. Pacing my breathing. Staying hydrated. Until I spotted the Doublehead Cabin through the woods. Enjoy some photos of my hike to North Doublehead Mountain.

Along the trail

Not much views from the North Doublehead summit. I did get
a shot of Mount Washington through the tops of the trees.

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