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Friday, June 19, 2015

Thin Air - Multi Pitch Rock Climb

Thin Air (5.6)
360 feet, 5 Pitches
Cathedral Ledge
North Conway, NH

We did this route in 3 instead of 5 pitches. My leader Geoff combined P1 & P2. And P4 & P5. The traverse section is my fave section of this route. On our last pitch, the area between the two flakes were really reachy for me, and on my first attempt I slipped. But I found the very top section of the flake on the right to be a bomber hold. It was plenty enough so that I could get my feet up and onto the bulgy flake on the left. I would def do this route again! Enjoy some photos I took  while on the route.

At the base of Thin Air

Anchor at a small ledge

Getting set to do the fun traverse!!!!!!
Geoff at our 2nd belay station

At our 2nd belay station
Geoff pointing out the Cranmore Ski slopes

At our 2nd belay station
Pat on "The Missing Link"

Our 2nd pitch

Gorgeous view!


Looking down from our 3rd belay station

Geoff and I end along the same route so we 
followed Pat and his partner to finish up on our last pitch.

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