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LHMW Bypass Slab - Multi Pitch Ice Climbing

Nuno and I climbed the LHMW Bypass Slab at Crawford Notch. Swapped leads including the two snow pitches up to the base of The Cleft. Had originally planned to climb the LHMW (Left Hand Monkey Wrench) and The Cleft but there were a couple of parties already on both of the climbs. Sunny and breezy.....multi-pitch raps and a hike down on the trail back to tracks....great day for climbing!

Parasol Gully, Dixville Notch - Multi Pitch Ice Climbing

Bringing Jackie up the 1st pitch of Parasol Gully (me in the bright green pants) Looking up at Parasol Gully (WI2+) from the pullout, we had no idea if the ice was good. In fact, I was actually skeptical. But Jackie said, "let's go take a walk up there and check it out." And so we did. And I'm so glad that we did. Jackie and I had been considering Parasol Gully since last October, but weather and other plans always got in the way. Today we were staring up at fat blue ice, in the shade. I can certainly understand why this route would be on the list of the top 10 ice climbs in New Hampshire. The climbing is fun, straight-forward. And the views of the notch from along the route are gorgeous! We even bumped into Nick and Isa who climbed a couple of laps on the route. This climb was a little over 3.5 hours drive from my home in Massachusetts. So I opted to stay overnight in Colebrook. I had dinner and breakfast at the Wilderness Re

Left Hand Monkey Wrench (WI3) - Ice Climbing

Got to the base of the Left-Hand Monkey Wrench and I started up the ice.  I hadn't even put my first piece in yet when my belayer kept asking me if I knew what I was doing.  From then on I didn't want to even be there climbing with her.  Near the top of  Left-Hand Monkey Wrench,  I stopped and made the decision to back off. So I downclimbed while removing my pro. I'm so glad I quit when I did. Better safe than sorry! Lesson learned! Having a lead belayer who starts doubting you (out loud) as you're climbing, is no fun to climb with - it also says a lot about their own lack of confidence.  Before I go out on a climb, especially a multi-pitch climb, I always  make sure I'd be comfortable on that grade and with that climber.  If not, I don't go. And if I'm leading, I always ask my belayer if they are comfortable lead belaying me on a climb. If not, I don't go.