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Left Hand Monkey Wrench (WI3) - Ice Climbing

Got to the base of the Left-Hand Monkey Wrench and I started up the ice.  I hadn't even put my first piece in yet when my belayer kept asking me if I knew what I was doing.  From then on I didn't want to even be there climbing with her.  Near the top of  Left-Hand Monkey Wrench,  I stopped and made the decision to back off. So I downclimbed while removing my pro. I'm so glad I quit when I did. Better safe than sorry! Lesson learned! Having a lead belayer who starts doubting you (out loud) as you're climbing, is no fun to climb with - it also says a lot about their own lack of confidence.  Before I go out on a climb, especially a multi-pitch climb, I always  make sure I'd be comfortable on that grade and with that climber.  If not, I don't go. And if I'm leading, I always ask my belayer if they are comfortable lead belaying me on a climb. If not, I don't go.