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Aloha, My Hiking Cousin, Darrell

Pali Puka Lookout Cousin Darrell, rest in Aloha. When I hiked on Oahu, my cousin Darrell hiked with me to keep me company and look out for me.  I will miss him and will always remember his quiet confidence. At the base of Mount Olympus summit Hanauma Bay Rock Bridge Peacock Flats hike Aiea Loop Hike Descending Pali Puka (Pali Highway in background) Mount Olomana  Mount  Kaala Lulumahu Falls - testing his underwater SmartPhone Hike up to the Haiku Stairs via Moanalua Middle Ridge Haiku Stairs Descent (video) Here's a list of all the hikes that cousin Darrell and I did. We also had great company with us as well - mahalo to Neil for joining us on these fun hikes. 2014 Manoa Falls Aiea Loop Awawaloa (Mt. Olympus, 2,486 ft) Peacock Flats 2013 Crepes and Lulumahu Falls Mt. Olomana (1,643 ft)  Mt. Ka'ala (4,025 ft) Pali Puka (1,670 ft) Koko Head/Hanauma Bay Rock Bridge (642 ft) - Views of Hanauma Bay, Po

Pali Puka - Hiking

Pali Puka (1670 ft) Nu'uanu Pali Lookout Elevation Gain: Approx 420ft Trail: Pali Puka Trail Distance: 0.8 Roundtrip Duration: 1.5 hours (includes time spent at the Puka) Difficulty: Strenuous in some parts   Danger: High (cliffs, exposed/narrow ridges with sheer drop-offs, loose dirt, steep sections along trail)   When planning hikes to do while on vacation and visiting with my ohana, I had no intentions of doing this hike, but my cousin wanted to do this hike so we headed out to the Pali Lookout. My cousin and I arrived at the Pali Lookout parking lot and there were just a few tourists that had arrived. The trailhead, marked with a broken stone wall, can be found in the bus parking lot area . We were the first ones up the Pali Puka trail. I expected mud and sure enough, there were some spots that were slightly muddy and slippery. I was glad I wore my spikes.   On our ascent we had taken the graded trail that was just below the ridge trail. After traversing a short, ro