Koko Head (Kuamoʻokāne) & Hanauma Bay Rock Bridge - Hiking

Koko Head - Kuamoʻokāne (642ft) and
Hanauma Bay Rock Bridge - Hiking
Trail: Hanuma Bay Ridge
Difficulty: Moderate
Danger: Low to High
** The Hanauma Bay Rock Bridge can be slippery when wet and dangerous due to high tide.
** The entire trail is exposed so take plenty of water and sunscreen with you!

I bagged another Hawaiian peak! My cousin Darrell and I started off in the Koko Head Park parking lot and headed to the top of Koko Head after crossing Kalanianaole Highway. We followed the paved service road to the cellphone towers at the summit. Then we descended via a stone path to the ridge below. We searched around but couldn't find the rock bridge. That was 3 days ago. Today we returned and descended a dirt trail along the ridge. A couple going up gave us instructions and in no time we found the rock bridge. There were already two couples there photographing but we didn't stand on the bridge to take photos. The tide was high enough for Darrell and I not to feel comfortable standing on the bridge and risk being washed off the bridge and out to sea. So we just posed in front of the bridge and got our photos before the tide got any higher.

**Not to be confused with Koko Crater (Koholepelepe or Pu'u Mai) which is located across Kalanianaole Highway and stands at 1,208 feet. 

Koko Crater and Hanauma Bay (2)

 Koko Head summit and the Hanauma Bay Ridge
The Hanauma Bay Rock Bridge (3)

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