Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mount Olympus - Hiking

Mount Olympus (Pu'u Awawaloa) 
Elevation: 2,486 ft
Elevation Gain: 1,562 ft
Trail: Wa'ahila Ridge trail
Distance: 6 miles roundtrip
Duration: 5 hours
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Danger: Low to Medium (loose dirt, ridge near summit, some high winds)

Up and down, up and down - my cousin Darrell and I bagged another peak! Mt. Olympus, with its broad summit, stands in the back of Manoa Valley. Renamed by Punahou students because of its commanding presence, it went by Awawaloa (long valley) by the early Hawaiians. We parked at the Wa'ahila Ridge Trail Recreation Area at the top of St. Louis and our hike was uphill from the get-go. The lower Wa'ahila Ridge Trail was hot and muggy. With the upper trail breezy and cool. We passed 40 other hikers including 4 hunters and about 8 dogs on this hike. And we got alot of inquiries about our Hillsounds Trail Spikes. Enjoy some photos taken of our hike!

At the trailhead

First utility pole

At the Kolowalu Trail junction

Look back every once in a while when ascending!

Roped section (5)

Look back again!

Cloud covered Konahuanui

Darrell on the windy ridge at the base of the summit

Me on the windy ridge at the base of the summit

Summit (2)

8,383 steps, wahoo!!

Views from the overlook. Yes, those are dark rain clouds so Darrell
and I didn't bother staying at the overlook to eat like we had hoped to do.
Instead, we quickly snapped a few photos and headed back to the summit to
search for any benchmark markers. We couldn't find any so we headed back down.

Ka'au Crater

Wa'ahila Ridge, Palolo and Manoa Valleys, 
Diamond Head, Waikiki and Honolulu. 

Ko'oalu clouded

Couple of photos on the way down

My Hillsounds broke on our descent and I used cording to hold it together.

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