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Navigation, Route Planning & Map Making Course

Over the weekend, Steff and I took a Navigation, Route Planning & Map Making course with IFMGA / AMGA Mountain Guide, Marc Chauvin of Chauvin Guides International .  The course was held 10am to 5pm in the Mt. Jefferson Room of the North Conway Grand Hotel in North Conway, NH. We learned the different functions of , Avenza Maps Mobile App and Google Earth. Relevant Course Links: Digital Elevation Model Shading: Using layers in Cal Topo: Using Google Earth & Cal Topo: Creating Geospatial PDFs: Video created using my iPhone 7 and the Splice app from GoPro

Multi Pitch Leader Course - Day 2

Upper Refuse P2 Belay Ledge Another fantastic day of instruction with Cathedral Mountain Guides co-owner (and American Mountain Guide Association certified guide) Bayard Russell! Ashley and I met Bayard at Cathedral Ledge for Day 2 of the 2-Day Multi Pitch Leader Course. Day 1 Lesson here .  On our Day 2 lesson we headed up to Fun House for some mock leading. Before heading up to the base of the climb, Bayard took out the “North Conway Rock Climbs” guidebook and handed it to Ashley and I. We looked up the route to check its description, primarily what gear we would need. Ashley and I went through the gear and we put our water, food, camera in my small backpack. Bayard said to look through our backpack at the end of our climb and see what was left in it, then determine if we really needed it. I’m on “hiker mentality” and usually over-pack (just in case) and it wasn’t any different on this day. Bayard gave a solid piece of advice - climbing with a backpack as light as possible

Multi Pitch Leader Course - Day 1

A fantastic first day of instruction with Cathedral Mountain Guides co-owner (and American Mountain Guide Association certified guide) Bayard Russell! Ashley and I met Bayard at the North End of Cathedral Ledge to start the Day 1 of the 2-Day Multi Pitch Leader Course. Day 2 Lesson here . The first thing Bayard showed us was a typical “Cathedral Ledge Trad Rack”. We went over the different types of Cams, stoppers, slings, quickdraws needed for a typical climb at Cathedral Ledges. I was actually surprised that the rack wasn’t larger. He showed us how to place gear in cracks starting with stoppers. I have to admit, I was not a fan of stoppers. But after this weekend’s lesson, I really like their versatility. Their tapered shape as well as their concaved side can allow it to be placed in pretty much any orientation. Afterwards, we practiced building trad anchors using cams and nuts. I really dig this “quad anchor”!

Private Lead Ice Climbing Lesson - Day 2

On the sharp end! Thresher (WI3) Cathedral Ledge, NH Today I had my second private lesson with Alexa Siegel of Cathedral Mountain Guides.  We headed out to Cathedral Ledge for the day. It was warm and we didn't know if it would be good for me to start leading, but there were cold temps for several nights providing some good enough ice. So when we got there, we found that the conditions of the ice were ideal for learning to lead. I had good sticks and feet all day! I ended up leading two easy short routes at Cathedral; the North End slab (WI2) & Thresher (WI3). At the North End Pillars I did a warm up climb on top rope, then a mock lead climb on top rope. On my warm-up climb I got to try out Alexa's Nomic Ice Tools and they were definitely aggressive and weighed differently from my Quarks. She also had pick weights on her tools. Following my warm-ups, I got a lesson in building an anchor with one ice screw and a v-thread. Alexa After a quick s

Private Lead Ice Climbing Lesson - Day 1

A "technical" day on ice today! My lesson with  Alexa Siegel  of Cathedral Mountain Guides today was fantastic!! We spent the day at the "Slabs" area of Frankenstein Cliffs, an the area just past the trestle working on skills for leading ice.  Alexa understood from the get-go what my goals were and what I wanted out of my private lesson with her. I wanted to learn new ice climbing skills such as leading ice and we covered everything on my list! I got to try out some Outdoor Research gloves...I really liked the OR Stormtracker gloves for leading! And I got an outline of what we covered in my lesson so I can practice these new skills every day. Thank you so much Alexa for an amazing lesson!  Didn't get very many photos, just a few.... Learned how to read ice! Practiced placing pro with both my left and right hands Also built  anchors, learned to b elaying a second as well as haul/lower a second. Went over R ope management at the belay statio