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Private Lead Ice Climbing Lesson - Day 1

A "technical" day on ice today! My lesson with  Alexa Siegel  of Cathedral Mountain Guides today was fantastic!! We spent the day at the "Slabs" area of Frankenstein Cliffs, an the area just past the trestle working on skills for leading ice.  Alexa understood from the get-go what my goals were and what I wanted out of my private lesson with her. I wanted to learn new ice climbing skills such as leading ice and we covered everything on my list! I got to try out some Outdoor Research gloves...I really liked the OR Stormtracker gloves for leading! And I got an outline of what we covered in my lesson so I can practice these new skills every day. Thank you so much Alexa for an amazing lesson!  Didn't get very many photos, just a few.... Learned how to read ice! Practiced placing pro with both my left and right hands Also built  anchors, learned to b elaying a second as well as haul/lower a second. Went over R ope management at the belay statio