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Iron Mountain - Solo Hike

Shaka from the Iron Mountain summit Iron Mountain (2,726 ft) Elevation Gain: 800 ft Miles: 1.6 roundtrip Duration: 1hr, 15min (includes stops along the trail and at the summit) NH 52 With A View Difficulty: Easy to moderate Another fine day to bag a NH 52 With A View summit! Although not much views at the summit, but there were views on the way to the summit. A side path (0.6 mile) lead to a great outlook up the Rocky Branch Valley While a ledge on the left of the trail at 0.7 mile, provided some eastward views. Some photos along the Iron Mountain trail (yes, I love photo collages!) I didn't have time to check out the Mine or the south ledges beyond the summit.  But I hope to be able to return to check those out when I can get a clearer day.  Tagged! Fire tower remnants at the summit Clouds over the Presidential Range After bagging the summit, I hurried back down to the trailhead and head

Kearsarge North - Solo Hike

Shaka from the summit of Kearsarge North! Kearsarge North (3,268 ft) Trail: Kearsarge Elevation Gain: 2,600 ft Miles: 6.2 roundtrip Duration: 4 hrs, 15 min (includes stops along the trail and at the summit for 30 minutes) NH 52 With A View Difficulty: Easy to moderately strenuous I checked the weather report and today was the best out of the weekend for hiking. But I totally didn’t check the humidity levels! :(  Having EIA (exercise-induced asthma) I really should pay close attention to the air quality index. But I was all gung-ho to get out and hike something short and easy (or so I thought) after last Saturday’s epic hike to the summit of Mt.Katahdin . It started off easy enough but after about 35 minutes into the hike, I realized that it was more humid than I was thought it would be. I stopped to get a quick drink and thought about turning back….maybe head over to Mt. Stanton for shorter hike? But I was already here and figured so long as I kept pace, kept

Mt. Rowe, Gunstock & Belknap Mountains – Solo Summer Hike

Mount Rowe (1,680ft) Gunstock Mountain (2,240ft) Belknap Mountain (2,382ft) Total Elevation Gain: 1,349ft Trails: Ridge (White) Trail, Saddle Trail, Blue Trail, Brook (Yellow ) Trail Distance: 4.5 miles roundtrip Duration: 4.0 hours (includes stops at all summits) Difficulty: Moderate I bagged 3 more summits in the Belknap Range! I had put off peakbagging for 3 months to be able to take some AMC Rock Climbing courses. Today I wanted a hike that was an easy up and back down as I have more rock climbing the next day and  didn’t want to tire myself out with an 11-miler. I was expecting the Gunstock Mountain Resort to be empty, but I was wrong. There were folks walking around, swimming in the lake, and lots of folks on the Zip line. There were also folks taking the ski lift up to the summit of Gunstock and hiking down the Ridge (White) Trail. That road up to Mt. Rowe was tough in the heat, it was hot with hardly any shade whatsoever! Now I know why I love winter hiking so muc