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Iron Mountain - Solo Hike

Shaka from the Iron Mountain summit Iron Mountain (2,726 ft) Elevation Gain: 800 ft Miles: 1.6 roundtrip Duration: 1hr, 15min (includes stops along the trail and at the summit) NH 52 With A View Difficulty: Easy to moderate Another fine day to bag a NH 52 With A View summit! Although not much views at the summit, but there were views on the way to the summit. A side path (0.6 mile) lead to a great outlook up the Rocky Branch Valley While a ledge on the left of the trail at 0.7 mile, provided some eastward views. Some photos along the Iron Mountain trail (yes, I love photo collages!) I didn't have time to check out the Mine or the south ledges beyond the summit.  But I hope to be able to return to check those out when I can get a clearer day.  Tagged! Fire tower remnants at the summit Clouds over the Presidential Range After bagging the summit, I hurried back down to the trailhead and head