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Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary - Hiking

The Rockery aka Rock Grotto Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, MA Massachusetts Audubon Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary Trails: Ipswich, Ipswich River, South Esker, Averill's Island, White Pine Loop, Bridge, Mile Brook, Drumlin, Rockery and Rockery Loop Trails. Distance: 6 miles roundtrip The Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary - Mass Audubon is only 30 minutes from my home, but this was my first time visiting! There were a few blowdowns on the trails, but for the most part, the trails are very well-kept. Lots of mellow wildlife too - Chickadees who will eat out of your hand, a Mallard Duck who comes when called and will follow you. Many other species of birds and wildlife and if you are lucky, a couple of deer grazing in the open fields next to the visitor center! Stop and listen and you will also hear many birds. The Rockery area was fun and we did a bit of scrambling and enjoyed the trail that bordered the Rockery Pond.  Enjoy some photos of our mellow 6-mile hike

Black & White Rocks - Rock Climbing

Wonderful afternoon with Noreen, Boomer, Nuno, Nancy and David at Crag 1 (Pinnacle) at Black & White Rocks! Wanted to make sure that the hike wouldn't be too strenuous for my old buddy Boomer, so I suggested Black & White Rocks to Noreen. With its super short approach, Boomer had no problems! David and I were able to lead the very easy, very short Fern route. Then we spent the next several hours top roping.  Nancy's first time climbing outdoors! Noreen David Nuno Easy Lead Boston Horizon

2015: Aloha 'Oe!

Mt. Sherman - 14,036ft What a year it has been for me! I got a lot of climbing in, especially multi-pitch climbing! The winter brought lots of ice climbing at Mt. Willard. I had the best opportunity to second my buddy Jeff as he took me on many of the ice climbs on Mt. Willard.  Cinema Gully The Cleft Jeff and I at the base of Upper Hitchcock I did many more multi-pitch climbing well into the Spring. In all to get prepared for climbing in Colorado ! I and 4 buddies (Jeff, Geoff, Kevin and Kevin), spent 9 days in the gorgeous Colorado Rockies! I got to summit a 14,000 footer (Mt. Sherman) and multi-pitch rock climb in the 11-Mile Canyon. But backpacking and camping 5 days and 4 nights in the wilderness was my favorite part of the was absolutely glorious!     Mt. Sherman summit Crestone Needle & Crestone Peak Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Exploring the Upper Lake at 12,000 feet Multi pitch climbing at 11 Mile Canyon