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Mt. Isolation - Late Spring Hike

A few feet more to Mt. Isolation summit Mt. Isolation Elevation: 4,003 feet Trails: Rocky Branch, Isolation, Davis Path Elevation Gain: 3,400 feet Distance: 14.4 miles roundtrip Duration: 12 hours (includes stops along the way and  at the summit) My 4000+ Peak #34   Listed 4000+: #47 Difficulty: Moderate – Fricken’ Looooooong! Number 34 for me! I’ve been wanting to hike “Iso” for a while but NOT SOLO! So when I got a chance to join Steff, Lisa, Jeanne and Luann for this hike, I took it. Little did I know that even the “easiest trail” was going to be a haul-slop-and-slog! 2 miles into this hike I had extreme cramps in both quads. Over the next 30 minutes dearest Steff pumped me full of Magnesium pills…10 to be exact. I almost headed back to the trailhead with Steff in tow, but the cramps subsided and I continued on. So glad I did but geeez, my quads were mush at the end of this hike. And to add, on our descent I slipped and landed on my tailbone! (I did get