Mt. Isolation - Late Spring Hike

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A few feet more to Mt. Isolation summit

Mt. Isolation
Elevation: 4,003 feet
Trails: Rocky Branch, Isolation, Davis Path
Elevation Gain: 3,400 feet
Distance: 14.4 miles roundtrip
Duration: 12 hours (includes stops along the way and at the summit)
My 4000+ Peak #34 
Listed 4000+: #47
Difficulty: Moderate – Fricken’ Looooooong!

Number 34 for me! I’ve been wanting to hike “Iso” for a while but NOT SOLO! So when I got a chance to join Steff, Lisa, Jeanne and Luann for this hike, I took it. Little did I know that even the “easiest trail” was going to be a haul-slop-and-slog! 2 miles into this hike I had extreme cramps in both quads. Over the next 30 minutes dearest Steff pumped me full of Magnesium pills…10 to be exact. I almost headed back to the trailhead with Steff in tow, but the cramps subsided and I continued on. So glad I did but geeez, my quads were mush at the end of this hike. And to add, on our descent I slipped and landed on my tailbone! (I did get a post-hike, deep tissue massage and this helped immensely!)

If only this trail were totally dry. A good portion of it was wet, underwater and/or full of mud. Lots of water crossing…all fun of course, but I lost count. I got several bug bites and although I didn’t find any on me, Jeanne did manage to pull a tick off her forehead. I brought 3 liters of fluids and had half a liter left at the end of the hike. The last hour of our descent we all donned headlamps. 12 hours on the trail was rough! We headed to The Red Fox Bar & Grille in Jackson for our post-hike dinner, limping from the car to our seats!

Enjoy a YouTube slideshow of our photos! Includes photos taken by Steff Laituri and Lisa Hannula Fulton!

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