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Railroad Cut, NH – Ice Climbing

Railroad Cut – Ice Climbing SW4-Cheshire North Rail Trail Keene, NH So here we go again....another single digit day, but the addiction is strong and I couldn’t resist, yet again! Was supposed to be climbing the Auburn Ice Canyon but that got cancelled because the floor wasn't hard enough and there was only one flow up compared to the 4 we climbed on two weeks ago. So Kevin and I drove up to Keene, meeting Jeff on the way. Nuno and his son David was in the parking lot when we pulled in. Later George Adams came by and climbed with us. The low temps were really tough on my asthma and breathing. It went from 13 to 7 degrees in 3 hours. Plus, The Cut is like a wind tunnel and as the temps dropped, it got harder for me to climb. At the end of our day I felt exhausted, like I had felt when I hiked to Lion's Head the weekend before. But my exhaustion was due to the low temps. I did get in 4 climbs but could only finish the first two, my hands were so cold. Just a few p

Railroad Cut – Ice Climbing

R ailroad Cut – Ice Climbing SW4-Cheshire North Rail Trail Keene, NH AMC-NH Mountaineering Grou p AMC-N H Ice Climbing Clinic   Today’s ice climbing clinic was full of info including gear info. I had the chance to try out some Petzl Quark Ice Axes and they proved to be a good choice for me. But the most exciting bit of key info I took home with me today was technique and I got to practice climbing without kicking. I also used  existing hand holds to place my tools.  I took the ice climbing clinic with Tom Sintros ( amC L eader ) of the AMC-NH Mountaineering Group . I’ve been an AMC member for two years now and this was my first AMC-NH cl inic that I joined up for. It  was my first visit to the Railroad Cut and I was amazed at the amount of fat ice in just this one spot….glorious! Railroad Cut is just that….a cut in the hill for a railroad passage. It’s part of the Cheshire Rail Trail located just off of Route 12 in Keene, NH. There are several railroad cuts throughout New Ha