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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Creepy Cowboy (5.7) - Multi pitch Rock Climb

Swapped leads with Nuno on a new route on Whitehorse Ledge in North Conway, NH. Fun 2-pitch, slabalicious route called Creepy Cowboy (5.7).

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wavelength – Multi-pitch Rock Climbing

multi pitch rock climb, Whitehorse Ledge

Wavelength (5.8)
1,080 feet, 10 pitches
Whitehorse Ledge
North Conway, NH

May 2nd brought a fabulous day for a first multi-pitch rock climb of the season!

Counting the ‘walk-up’ to the Launch Pad, Sean, Tom and I did 10 pitches today of The Slabs, Center of Whitehorse Ledge. We had blue skies the entire day, climbed the 5.8 pitch listening to Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ outdoor convention speech and met a “totally blind” climber on his very first multi-pitch climb.

Our climbing plan; start on the Standard Route’s direct route (Quartz pocket) and if it was dry, onto Wavelength, linking up with the Sliding Board and finishing up on the Standard Route. Sean would lead and Tom and I would second several of the pitches together. 

Enjoy photos taken of our climb!

White Mountain Hotel & Resort with Whitehorse Ledge in the backgound

A little bit of snow at the base of the ledge

Sean leading up to "The Toilet Bowl"
multi pitch rock climb, Whitehorse Ledge

Me on Sean's belay at the "Launch Pad"

Tom and I making our way up from the Launch Pad to the Toilet Bowl
multi pitch rock climb, Whitehorse Ledge

A Piton at the "Quartz Pocket"

Tom finishing up the 4th pitch to the thread
anchor in the main arch. Sean on his belay.
multi pitch rock climb, Whitehorse Ledge

Sean leading the 5.8 pitch!
multi pitch rock climb, Whitehorse Ledge

Tricky pocket section! Great moves for a tall climber, as Sean demonstrates! My short-climber beta; right foot on base. Right hand on small nub. Left hand in lower pocket. All in one move: Step up with left foot to meet left hand in lower pocket. As you push off with right hand and step up onto left foot, bump left hand up to higher, bigger pocket. Match hands and bump right foot up to higher nub. Step up to a bolt.

Happy belayer!

Tom's turn on the 5.8!
Making his way up the face of the brown bulge.

Past the crux and on the dike to the anchor of the 5.8

You damn right I'm happy to be climbing Wavelength!
multi pitch rock climb, Whitehorse Ledge

Making my way up to the anchor just
below the steep headwall of The Sliding Board

Tom's turn to make his way up to the anchor!

Protection along the steep dike through the headwall of The Sliding Board.

Removing pro

Final pitch

Also topping out - safe and sound (left to right) Copp, Tom & Paul
These guys went off route a bit and Sean let them know.
They made the route tougher than it really was and it was
pretty scary watching their lead climber taking a couple of falls.
George Hurley, who was at the base, yelled up
directions to where they were supposed to be. 

Our belay and anchor stations along the route (yellow stars)
Photo: North Conway Rock Climbs Guidebook

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Whitehorse Ledge – Multi-pitch Rock Climb

The Standard Route – 1,080 feet (5.5)
Whitehorse Ledge
North Conway, NH

A day before I turned 51 years old, I went rock climbing outdoors for the very first time. Now just 4 days before my 54th birthday, I trad climbed over 1000 feet! It was an amazing day of climbing for me, indeed!

One of New England’s most busiest routes, The Standard (5.5), is a sweeping granite apron full of awesome classic friction routes. Ken, Catherine, Kristina and I headed out early to Whitehorse Ledge in North Conway, NH. The lower parking lot is for climbers and from there to the base of the Slabs is about a 10 minute walk. From the base, we walked/climbed up to the Launch Pad and set anchors to start our 2nd pitch. There was a bunch of other climbers already on the Slabs, but not the crowd we had anticipated.

On a personal note: I need to bring more fluids! I had 2 liters of frozen coconut water and 1.5 liters of frozen water in my Camelbak. I thought the 2 liters would suffice so I left my Camelbak in my truck. I should've brought it along! Although the 2 liters lasted me to the top, I could've used more. Especially since we spent longer time on the Lunch Ledge than expected.

The guidebook list this route with 9 pitches but we got it done in 8! I'm so stoked I got to trad climb over 1000 feet! 

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