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Leprechaun's Lement (WI2-3) - Ice Climbing

Leprechaun's Lement (WI2-3) Kinsman Notch, NH Ice climbed at Kinsman Notch today. Only our group of 5 and another group of 5 climbing here today and after leading Leprechaun's Lement, I know why - It took me several extra swings and kicks to get a good purchase, and I had difficulty removing my tools from the ice. Gotta admit it was work and a lot harder to lead than I expected. But it was still a stellar day to be outdoors and climbing. It was g ood to finally meet up and climb with Catherine, Kristen, and Steve !  And thanks Jeni for your help and support for my  "Turning 60 and Climbing About It"  project!   ❤️   1 lead and 3 top ropes down today....47 more pitches to go!