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Pinnacle Rock - Rock Climbing

Met up with Nicole to do some climbing in her backyard. We headed out to the Pinnacle Rock crag in the Central Valley of CT. This is the first time I've ever climbed on Traprock and it reminded me of Granite, but more smoother. One of the climbs we did (First Crack) was interesting. I climbed it trying to use as many hand and foot jams as I could, and I was able to get a few good hand and foot jams. One thing I learned while climbing that route - I actually felt more secure using of foot jams to get me through a couple of sections - so fun! Thanks for a great day Nicole! Enjoy a few photos of our day. Pinnacle Rock in the background Tadpoles in a puddle at the trailhead First Crack (5.4) From the top of Cracked Wall Bumped into Matt Shove Here he is leading Second Crack (5.7) Also got to chat with Bob "Bob-O" Clark