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Crag X, Farley Ledges - Rock Climbing

Got to lead a super fun, super easy route. Mild temps in the Fall make for great climbing days. Gary and crew headed out to Crag X of the Farley Ledges. The approach is pretty steep in some parts and it's a longer approach than the approach to the Main wall, but nice to not have to wait in line for any climbs. Some photos taken of our day. Taking advantage of even one foot jam! There are two routes I really wanted to lead on these Slabs (right), but there was running water on them.    Dan on the steep slab   Gary leading the steep slab  Jane  Me on the steep slab  Mike lead with Dan on his belay  Mike lead with Scott on his belay  Scott on the steep slab with Zheng on his belay Scott

Connecticut Rock Climbing

Shaka from the top of Wiessner's Slab Ragged Mountain, Connecticut Spent the Memorial Day weekend with Nicole and climbing in her neck of the woods. It was amazing and I learned a lot and got to spend time with a badass climber chick! On the first day Nicole and I went to Ragged Mountain. I wanted to lead a slab so Nicole showed me the  Wiessner's Slab . I quickly learned their slabs aren't the same as the slabs I'm accustomed to in NH.  Nicole didn't want me to miss an opportunity for an on-sight - what a cool partner! So I lead Wiessner's Slab and it sure was fun. There were a couple of hand and finger jams as well as a couple of foot jams to satisfy my crack fix! LOL! Right: bringing Nicole up! Rain the second day so we shopped at REI. It was cool to see Wilson hanging out! Afterwards we headed over to Prime Climb climbing gym to do some indoor climbing. There are two cra

Joshua Tree National Park 2017 - Day 7

Rappelling off the top of The Bong Another amazing day with Seth Pettit of Mojave Guides  at Joshua Tree National Park. I spent the day climbing 8 pitches using the crack climbing techniques I learned during my first day with Seth. I was pretty stoked to climb crack so I can practice jamming. Like my first day with Seth, I took every opportunity I could to jam my hands, fingers or feet!  Enjoy some photos taken of our day. Our first stop was the Reggie Dome West Face. We parked in the (Wonderland North) parking lot of the Boy Scout trailhead and followed the climbers trail to Reggie Dome. I'm really impressed with the climber's trail signs throughout the JTree park! This climber's trail was once a road used to access Keys Ranch many years ago. Reggie Dome West Face Right: The Chief I followed Seth up the The Chief (5.5) ,  then top roped the fun slab climbs  Speed Bump (5.6 ) and Fender Bender (5.8). We were the