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North Pack Monadnock - Hiking

North Pack Monadnock summit Summit Shaka! North Pack Monadnock (2,276ft) Elevation Gain: 1,350 feet Trails: Ted's, Cliff and Carolyn's Distance: 5.6 miles roundrtrip So much fun rock scrambling in the rain! Gray skies couldn't keep us away from hiking. Got together with 4 others of the Metrowest Retirees (or not yet) Ready For Adventure meetup group for a rainy day hike to the summit of North Pack Monadnock.  Great hiking company, peaceful woods, wildlife surprises and fantastic lookout views near the top more than made up for the challenge of the brutal mosquitoes. We hiked in the clockwise direction taking Ted's trail to the Cliff trail to the summit, then descended via Carolyn's trail. Enjoy some photos of our fun, rainy day hike! This is my favorite photo of our group as we ascended. Although foggy, I really love the background. A marvelous hike!  Fun rock scrambling in the rain Waterfall at mile 1