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Sunny Slab Left - Rock Climbing

Leading Sunny Slab Left Today Nuno and I checked out the climbing crag at the Burns McIntire Forest area in Marlow, NH. There were only two other climbers when we got there and they were super helpful with the local beta. I hadn't climbed here in years but the place pretty much is the same as I remembered it.  I lead the Sunny Slab Left (5.7) first with no problems, then it was Nuno's turn. Everything was fine until he got above the last clip and placed his hand in the small horizontal crack. Long story short - o ur climbing was cut short by some pretty aggressive locals!! Thank you,  Nuno, for your photos and your help and support for my  "Turning 60 and Climbing About It"  project!   W ith today’s climbing, I’m at  29 leads of 76 pitches!  Enjoy some photos taken of our day. Nuno leading Sunny Slab Left