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Lost In The Forest - Ice Climbing

Lost In The Forest Frankenstein Cliffs A frigid cold, but fun day at Lost In The Forest! Met Ken, Zarina and Tim for a cold day of cragging.  - 4 in the parking lot at the start of our day. I got in a couple of top rope laps; some solo-climbing on short, low-angle ice; some downclimbing practice; and some anchor building. So good to be back climbing at Frankenstein Cliffs and looking forward to coming back during the ice season! We think think that's Art Mooney at the top of Chia

Frankenstein Cliff – Multi-Pitch Ice Climb

Frankenstein Cliff – Multi-pitch Ice Climbing The Standard Route II 3+ Standard Route Area Frankenstein Cliff Crawford Notch State Park Another MELLOW day for ice climbing! The weather forecasted precipitation but as I drove up it was only cloudy. Eager to do another multi-pitch, I prayed that we would have some sunny skies with no precipitation, and my prayers were answered!  From the tracks we could make out 3 climbing parties already on the blue cascade. But by the time we got up to the base of The  Standard Route Area, we had the place to ourselves with no one to push us from behind. We completed the route in 3 pitches. Jeff led and then belayed both Geoff and I as we climbed in tandem. I don’t know what is it I enjoy the most about ice climbing, perhaps it’s everything about the climb. Sure the ice is pretty under the “right lighting.” But having a awesome leader and climbing in tandem with another climber, made it possible for me to focus and learn abo