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Joshua Tree National Park 2017 - Food & Shopping

Joshua Tree National Park is amazing! So glad that I had the opportunity to visit this very special place. It was such an experience climbing and hiking in the desert. I met a lot of very nice folks here as well. While here I also got to do some shopping and lots of eating out! Prior to my trip I researched places to eat and found some pretty awesome places to eat here in the towns of Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms. Here's some of my favorite places:

Fuji  Restaurant
Twentynine Palms, CA

Just 2 miles from the Best Western, this was my favorite place to grab take-out! From the outside, the place doesn't look like much, but don't let that stop you from ordering. I've eaten their Shrimp Tempura, spicy Tuna sushi roll and Beef Bul-Go-Ki. But I was beyond ecstatic when I saw Spam Musubi on their menu! 

Joshua Tree & Oasis Visitor Centers
These are the two visitor centers that I visited the most. Public rest rooms are available as well as …

Joshua Tree National Park 2017 - Day 8

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
I spent the last day in California riding the rotating Aerial Tramway in Palm Springs. It ascends nearly 2.5 miles to the Mt. San Jacinto State Park and wilderness. The floor of the tram rotates so you can see all views without moving. The ride starts at the Valley Station at 2,643 feet and ends at the Mountain Station at 8,516 feet. At the top you'll find a bar, a cafe, a gift shop and many lookout points for viewing. The Mountain Station is the entrance to the Mt. San Jacinto State Park and Wilderness. There is also a Natural Exhibit that features animals and plants native to Mt. San Jacinto State Park. I watched two films while at the Mountain Station; "Mt. San Jacinto State Park and Wilderness" shown in the San Jacinto Theater. And "Building A Dream" in the Santa Rosa Theater. Enjoy a few photos I took of my visit.

The tram ascends/descends along cables that are supported by 5 towers (aerial lift pylons).
Counterweight Pit - keeps ca…

Joshua Tree National Park 2017 - Day 7

Rappelling off the top of The Bong

Another amazing day with Seth Pettit of Mojave Guides at Joshua Tree National Park. I spent the day climbing 8 pitches using the crack climbing techniques I learned during my first day with Seth. I was pretty stoked to climb crack so I can practice jamming. Like my first day with Seth, I took every opportunity I could to jam my hands, fingers or feet! Enjoy some photos taken of our day.

Our first stop was the Reggie Dome West Face. We parked in the (Wonderland North) parking lot of the Boy Scout trailhead and followed the climbers trail to Reggie Dome. I'm really impressed with the climber's trail signs throughout the JTree park!

This climber's trail was once a road used to access Keys Ranch many years ago.

Reggie Dome West Face

Right: The Chief I followed Seth up the The Chief (5.5),  then top roped the fun slab climbs  Speed Bump (5.6) and Fender Bender (5.8).
We were the only climbers here at
the Reggie Dome West Face.

Joshua Tree National Park 2017 - Day 6

Laundry Day So I’m waiting for my laundry in the local laundromat and  I couldn’t resist getting a selfie with this little cutie, Gidget!
Pano - rock scrambling at Rattlesnake Canyon

Joshua Tree National Park 2017 - Day 4

Shaka from the top of Intersection Rock, Joshua Tree National Park

Amazing first day with Seth Pettit of Mojave Guides!!  My climbing goals for this trip is to learn how to climb Crack using hand, finger and toe jamming! Today I got to learn all this and, I have to admit, it was very intimidating. But I slowly got the hang of jamming hands and/or fingers and stepping my feet up. I got to climb and practice these new skills on 7 pitches. Oh, the rock friction here is beautiful - just so, so sticky! Enjoy a some photos taken of my day.

I met up with Seth at the Joshua Tree NP Visitor Center in the morning and after a quick check of gear, we headed to the Trashcan Rock at Quail Springs. His girlfriend Simone (Education Tech with JTNP) dropped by with Bernadette, the only climbing ranger at JTNP. We chatted for a bit and Bernadette said she used to live in NH and had climbed at Whitehorse and Cathedral Ledges!

Seth taught me how to wrap my hands in climbers tape, and then showed me some  han…

Joshua Tree National Park 2017 - Day 3

What an AMAZING day! My second day desert hiking and I spent it with the Hi-Desert Hiking Club, a meetup group based in Yucca Valley, CA. I signed up for today's hike which is "off-trail" in Joshua Tree National Park. Tim hosted this event and it was fantastic! The plant life throughout the desert is just mind blowing and beautiful! Throughout our hike, we had cool, gentle breezes. I also prepared for this hike a bit differently than yesterdays solo hikes. I wore shorts for my hikes yesterday and my legs were all sandy and dirty. I also needed to change out my baseball hat and wear something that covered the back of my neck. I wore pants for today's hike and it kept the sand and dirt off my skin. It also helped to protect my skin when brushing up against the plant life...which was often, especially being off-trail. And I bought a wide-brimmed hat, (as well as climber's tape) at Nomad Ventures.
Today's loop hike is rated moderate, with a 300 feet elevation gain…