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2020 Labor Day Weekend Climbing

Part of the Main wall at Redrocks, Gloucester   It was a fun and chill Labor Day weekend of climbing! Enjoy some candid shots of our day! Met up with Jen & Ben, and Spider on Saturday to climb at Rumney Rocks, NH.  Then climbed with Nuno on Monday at Redrocks in Gloucester, MA.  Kailani was brought along to the crag by other climbers,  but I had to get a photo of her, she's so cute!

Main Wall, Dorset Street Crag - Rock Climbing

From the top of the Dorset Street Crag  The bolted anchors are just above the "Deception" route Another adventure with Iskuhi! We finally got out to the Dorset Street Crag near Annisquam, MA. We decided to park off North Bennett Street so we could just hike to the top of the crag and drop top ropes. We found the parking along North Bennett street, but we couldn't find a trail from the street. However, further up the street, we did find a trail that went down to Dorset Drive. On Dorset Drive, we walked towards Washington Street and saw the crag on our left. If there was a trail to the crag from Washington Street we didn't find it. So we just bushwhacked in from Dorset Drive. We passed this area on the trail from North Bennet Street to Dorset Drive We set up a top rope for a couple of climbs on the left side of the Main Wall. It was so hot and humid, and the rock was super slick.  But it sure was fun to get out for a couple of morning laps.  It was prett

Black & White Rocks - Rock Climbing

Climbing Beginner's Class with Iskuhi on my belay Nuno, Iskuhi, and I met up for some climbing at Middlesex Fells. We all live in Massachusetts and when we meet up to climb, we usually head north to places like Rumney, New Hampshire to climb. But with the pandemic, Rumney and many of our favorite climbing crags in New Hampshire are closed. So we met up to do some climbing at Pinnacle Rock, in the Black & White Rocks crag. In the parking lot, we didn't do any hugs, high-5's, or handshakes, but we never did anyways. We hiked to Crag 1 (Pinnacle Rock) maintaining social distancing and there was no one else on the trail. We purposely chose to climb on a weekday because it would be less crowded as the weekends here are mobbed by hikers and climbers. I'm sure Nuno and Iskuhi came prepared, but in case they didn't, I had extra facemasks, hand wipes, and hand sanitizer - which I also carry in my truck, golf bag, and hiking backpack.  At the crag, we were the