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Sunday, September 18, 2016

End Crags, Crow Hill - Rock Climbing

Mid State Trail to the top of the ledges

Great day for some mellow climbing! Never been to the End Crags of Crow Hill in Leominster State Forest. So Nuno, Nancy, David and I headed there for a day of top roping.

At the base of End Crags

Nancy on Pine Tree
It was Nancy's second day of climbing outdoors!

Beginner's Blessing

End Route

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mt. Major - Solo Winter Hiking

Mt. Major (1,780ft)
Trails: Mt. Major Main
Elevation Gain: 1,100 ft
Distance: 3.4 miles roundtrip
Duration: 1 hr, 55 minutes (includes stops along the trail and at the summit)
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

This hike was an awesome easy workout! I wanted to make the summit in one hour and I did so! The only time I really stopped along the trail on my ascent was when I had gone off trail. I had to stop and search for a bit for those blue blazes. I had brought my snowshoes just in case, but didn’t need them as the trail was nicely packed. 

I took the Mt. Major Main trail all the way to the summit. It provides a short and direct route to the summit but near the top it has some really sketchy and steep pitches. I opted to take the alternate route to the left to avoid the ledges. I may be a crazy hiker girl, but I’m not stupid, the ledges were full of ice.
 Those ledges
There were great 360 degree views at the top but man, was it windy cold! I could only stand to stay at the summit for 10 minutes and while there, managed to use a new iPhone app I installed, the 360 Panorama. I really need practice at holding my iPhone as still as I can while photographing....tough to do when its windy out. But it's a fun app!
I didn’t take my backpack off to get to my big camera so I just took a couple of photos using my iPhone, so pardon the blurry iPhone photos. (insert whining) I usually like to stay a bit on the summits, but it was so cold here. I sat in the stone shelter at the summit and still couldn’t get away from the wind. I couldn’t wait to get down below treeline. (end whining)


Speaking of backpacks, I bought this Columbia Titanium backpack at Marshall’s for $40. I thought the design is rather interesting and decided to give it a try. The backpack opens like a clamshell so that you don’t have to unpack everything or dig down to the bottom like you would a top-loading backpack. I’m sure the concept works great, but I wouldn’t know as I didn’t bother getting my camera out of it once I got to the summit. But I do think that it’s very light and it didn’t feel like it until I put it on and tightened the straps. It was actually very comfortable and I’m looking forward to using it more on my winter hikes.
Back at the trailhead I didn’t bother to take my winter boots and Microspikes off. I quickly unloaded my gear and set off for Alton Bay and the docks at Shibley’s At The Pier. I was hoping the airplanes were still parked on the frozen lake. They were so I quickly got my winter coat on, grabbed my camera and headed out onto the ice. 
The ice fishing huts are fascinating! Each one is distinct!

Afterwards I had lunch at  Shibley’s At The Pier. I was seated at a corner table with great views of the lake. I had a delicious meal of Ahi Tuna wrap with Wasabi sauce.  I just love having winter lunches there. It was a treat to have a great view and watch everyone on the frozen Lake Winnepesaukee. 

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