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Mounts Flume & Liberty - Solo Hiking

Mt Flume (4,328ft) Mt. Liberty (4,459ft) Total Elevation Gain: 3,900ft Trails: Bike Path, Whitehouse, Flume Slide, Franconia Ridge, Liberty Springs  Trail/Appalachian Trail Distance: 10.4 miles roundtrip Duration: 9.0 hrs (includes stops for breaks along the trail, and at both summits) My 4000+ Peaks #18 & #19 respectively Listed 4000+: #25 & 18 respectively The Terrifying 25 List: Flume Slide Trail Difficulty: Strenuous Danger: Medium to High (exposed/steep sections, rock scrambling) Rock Scrambles : Parts of Flume Slide - Class II+ Oh my heck! Oh my heck! Oh.My.Heck! What a funtastic day for hiking and rock scrambling. I had no idea how fun this would be. I thought the Caps Ridge Trail to Mt. Jefferson and the White Dot Trail to Monadnock Mountain was a blast. But this scramble to the summit to Mt. Flume, this was epic! Let me back up a bit....... I was the second person parked near the bike path entrance of the Flume Gorge parking lot. I qu

The Flume Gorge - Self Guided Hike

Franconia Notch State Park Lincoln, NH I spent the morning at The Flume Gorge located at the base of Mt. Liberty.  The visitor's center is easy to find, located just off of I93 in the Franconia Notch State Park. At the center I bumped into an old friend, his wife and his son, and went on the self-guided 2-mile hike with them. The hike takes approximately one hour and 15 minutes but we took our time snapping many photos (I took a couple of vids) and overall it took us 2 hours. Sure, it's a short hike, but there are alot of features packed into this hike. I wasn't put off by the $13 entrance fee, especially after seeing how well-maintained the park is. Sorry for the somewhat dirty lens and blurry iPhone shots! Link: Flume Gorge & Visitor Center *Click on photos to see larger views The Flume Covered Bridge  Table Rock (2) The Flume Gorge (8/9)