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Rock Garden - Rock Climbing

Rock Garden (5.4) Lost Horizon, Sundown Ledges Albany, NH Got to onsight Rock Garden (5.4) this morning. The chimney was damp and dark and smelled a bit of urine. Got to hand jam, foot jam, face climb, friction and stem on this climb. But I didn't need to do any liebacking as listed on the MP description for this climb. It was a fun climb and hope to get back there to climb again!  Lost Horizon is a super nice crag with clean rocks and the base is well shaded.  We were the only ones climbing at Lost Horizon and it made for a mellow day of climbing. Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller Eric brought this cool mosquito repeller to the crag and I was impressed! It's very lightweight and kept the bugs and mosquitoes at bay while we climbed. You can order one online here at The Main Cliff A couple of years ago I had hiked the Boulder Loop Trail at Sundown area off the Kancamagus. At the time I didn't realize it